1980s Stencils via Community Murals Magazine

Anti-nuke activists had told me that there were protest stencils in the Bay Area during the massive 1980s direct actions. CM magazine published this photo in a 1983 issue. Photo credited to R. Johnson.

Lincoln Cushing is worth following on social media, because he is always releasing historically important media into the world. Just this week Cushing released a full run of Community Murals magazine, a periodical that I had never heard of (Josh MacPhee knew about it, but the Interference Archive didn't have the full run). Spanning ten years from 1977 to 1987, the pdfs that Cushing put up on his wide-ranging Docs Populi website were an instant pull for my never-ending stencil hunt.

While I looked page-to-page on each of the pdfs, I was not disappointed. The stencils that were covered were all political, and some of the artists themselves wrote about their campaigns. As Community Murals magazine progressed in their run, they published these photos between 1983 to 1987. Later in the magazine's run, the editors also gave space to cover the exploding graffiti culture as well as billboard liberation actions.

Keep an eye out for continued deep-cut historical postings from Cushing, and enjoy the stencils photos I pulled from Community Murals magazine here:

Chile (just one from 1985)

San Francisco Bay Area (1983-1987)

GudePounds in Chicago (1983)

Eva Crockroft in NYC (1983)