2 JUN: Mando Marie - One Trick (SF, CA)

MANDO MARIE (Her Stencil Archive)

Opening Reception - Saturday, June 2nd at 12pm
Showing Through - Friday, June 22nd

First Amendment Gallery is pleased to announce “One Trick” a solo exhibition by Mando Marie.  Amanda Marie also known by her artist moniker 'Mando Marie' born 1981, is an American painter formerly based in Colorado, and currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mando  exhibits in both the United States and Europe. She trained at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and is best known for her work as a stencilist, including large scale street art designs.

Amanda Marie uses graphic stencils and images redolent of 'Golden Age' storybook imagery. She frequently features the signature characters of a young boy and girl. In 2012, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art held a solo exhibition of her work and noted that these stylised figures: "seem to have been lifted from the pages of a mid-twentieth century children’s book and have traded the protective home of childhood nostalgia for a slightly more adventurous and unsettling world, somewhere between dream and reality”. Alongside recurring graphic themes of children and animals, she favors twin, repeated or mirrored imagery, developed with multiple uses of the same stencil on the artwork.

Her street art and outdoor paintings and murals incorporate the same primary technique of stencil painting on a large scale. In gallery, museum or other indoor exhibitions, she typically creates artworks using aerosol paint, acrylic and sewing pattern paper, on watercolor paper, canvas, or wood. She also uses screen printing technique and gel transfers. For outdoor work, the dominant materials are aerosol and acrylic.

The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, June 22nd at 12pm.  The gallery is located on 6th St. and Howard St. in Downtown San Francisco. To receive a preview of the exhibition before the opening on June 2nd please contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com.

“Marie’s work is widely known for repeated or mirrored imagery by using hand-drawn and hand-cut stencils. American, but now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Marie continues to present her work with recurring themes of children, animals, flora, and ghosts, with a particular sense of strength in youthful innocence and a hint of the oddly eerie.” - Anna Suzy Lee (Daelim Museum - Director, Seoul, South Korea)

“Amanda Marie is a true original.  Her ever-present subject matter – animals, children, and everyday objects – walks a fine line  between 1950’s nostalgia and unnerving narratives that call into question our own memories and interpretations of childhood.  She does this with a beautiful blend of humor and pathos.”  - Quote from Jill Hartz (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art - Executive Director, Portland, Oregon)