8 June New Uploads for Monday

Thanks to Duncan C, Joelle, Josiah, Brooklyn Street Art, r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive, and the people in the streets!
Music is this week's Shakedown Stream (Set II).
Photo: art by dotmaster and DZIA; photo by Duncan C in Camden, UK.

>NEW< BD White (NYC)

>NEW< KREAU (Seattle)

>NEW< InkOj (Paris)

>NEW< sabota (IT)

>NEW< The Rebel Bear (UK, Scotland)

Jana and JS

One from RiP in UK

One from Alabama

Black Lives Matter in Idaho

A few from NYC, one COVID-19 related

Black Lives Matter in Virginia

One from Seattle, WA

One from Germany

Three from UK

One from Valencia St., SF, USA

Black Lives Matter on Haight St.

Fresh Faile!