California, a prophet on the burning shore

Found in Hollywood (2004), the Eye of Providence looks over those who commute in Los Angeles.

The California Stencil Archive has been updated in addition to a batch of new uploaded images.

Clocking in at over 1,000 photographs, this state archive includes the sub-archives for Northern California, The San Francisco East Bay, and Los Angeles County/City. We have always tried to figure out a way to not confuse California (CA postal initial) with Canada (CA country code) and Los Angeles (LA abbreviation) with Louisiana (LA postal initial), so you will now see "CA East Bay" for the SF East Bay (there are other East Bays in the USA!), and "CA LA" for Los Angeles. CA will have to do for the state is large enough be a country and the country north of the US border. 

It took all week to update these folders, and some subfolders are gone with their images now added to the larger ones (a few North Cal. high schools are two). This is one of the largest updates so far, with a few large ones still looming (looking at you, Hamburg and Italy). Though tedious, it was a true pleasure to revisit these fun and amazing works.

Here is one more, from the East Bay (2020)