Carry Out

From Justseed's "Stencil Four" 'zine (Feb. 2001)

One of the biggest problems with stencils is that you have to carry the things around and somehow still not look like you're causing trouble. For tips this time I'm just going to list a bunch of the ways I’ve found to transport them and cool ideas that other people use.

Probably the easiest way for a small stencil is just sliding it into a folder of newspaper. The problem with this is that once it’s wet, it’ll stick, which can cause a mess.

Some people like to carry stencils in old backpacks and other bags. I've always found that messy.

For bigger stencils, I've lined a cardboard portfolio (usually available for free from art stores like Pearl) with chicken wire. You just look like an artist and the wire keeps the stencils from sticking to the cardboard.

Cut the bottom out of a large brown paper shopping bag and tape your stencil in its place. It just looks like you're carrying home the groceries, but you can set the bag down, reach in and spray.
I've heard of success by replacing the bottom of pizza boxes with stencils, or the bottom of just about any box for that matter.

If you can get access to a mini-van, they can be great for carrying extra-large stencils. They make great cover to stand behind while painting, and have the added value of looking 'wholesome'.

Lay the stencil in the back of a framed picture. It will look like you're just carrying a poster or photo, but you can just grab the stencil out and lay it back in as you go.