Chris Stain: July Update

What I'm Up To
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Mural in the 518

This month I travel to upstate NY to do some painting on the outside of 518 Prints screen printing company. At their request I plan to re-visit some of the working class themes that inspired me to initially cut stencils back in the late ‘90’s. Check my blog, for photos.

Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere

My good friend at Workhorse Visuals contacted me about doing an illustration for a GREEN DAY project based on lyrics from their new album, "21st Century Breakdown". I was given the song "East Jesus Nowhere" and asked to put something together based on the feelings I got from the lyrics. Recently I completed the piece for the limited edition release of the album. The work will be featured in a booklet that accompanies the cd. It will also be traveling with the band and displayed at different music venues in a gallery format.

Home Care Workers and Fairness

Also this month I am working on a poster design for a SEIU 1199 campaign for Home Care workers. The powers that be are trying to cut their salary by 35% !

Esperanza Print

"Esperanza" (means "hope" in Spanish) Stencil and Screen Print (2 color) 25" W x 19" H Archival Paper Signed/numbered/edition of 23

On a hot spring day in June Billy Mode and I got together to celebrate ESPERANZA or HOPE in English.

The ceremony began by cutting a lock, cutting some weeds, and clearing a path to a 50 feet wide x 11 feet high steel wall in an abandoned lot in Brooklyn. After about 12 hours of work we called it a day. The next day we came back put on the finishing touches and took some pictures.

The idea of hope seemed like a good one to me, so i decided to make a limited edition print based on the mural. Its for sale through the good folks at Just Seeds, titled ESPERANZA.

It’s a 2-color stencil/silkscreen combo. Get ‘em while they last!