Chris Stain Update

New coming with FB, Twitter, and Regular Updates

What Else Is Up

In other news this month I've painted two murals for separate benefits.
One at WIN Initiative in SOHO for a creative info share called Take 5.
And another in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Bowl called Rock and Wrap It Up which is an anti poverty organization. More on that here Win4Hunger.
Good People.

Unfortunately my hard drive crashed recently and I lost a lot of stuff.

Fortunately I have a good friend who made the trek down from Boston to help me get goin' again. His visit also prompted the revamp of my website - which is currently in the works.
The new site will contain everything I've done since 2000 in nice user-friendly categories. It will also be linked to Twitter and Facebook so if you are on either if those you will be able to hit me up and receive updates.
I will keep you posted on that as it develops.

Upcoming projects...


I will be showing work in Hong Kong in March at The No Borders Gallery. They're working on their website so it may not be "live" at the moment.


I will be working on a project with Roger Gastman and a host of other talents in California In April.


There's been talk of a show with Leon Reid in Baltimore at the Creative Alliance in May.

This Spring

I will be teaching a basic screen printing class to the 6th grade at PS 49 in Queens NY.
The course is part time and will last 8 weeks. I will introduce the same method I am currently working in using the rubylith. Should be fun!
Near Future

Hoping to nail down some dates in Denver with Tom at the Andenken Gallery.
And I'm shooting for Paris sometime in the fall. Fingers crossed.