copy-shop trash meditation yields fruit

A Simple heads up: The wrapping used for many types of paper is coated on one side with a thin sheet of plastic which makes it usefull for transferring prints to cloth via ironing. good dirty-cheap method that yields a crisp-clean print on a t-shirt. plus 'cause it's ironed on you can use floaters if you care to.


So... i like paper and pen when i'm on walkabout, and a few months ago i pulled the paper part of that pair from a copy-shop dumpster that i've grown attached to. Typically mark the paper with the pen, and often, having reached every edge of whichever side i've started on, i meander around the nearest corner and keep going on its underside. However on this particular day [a few months ago] i turned a corner and promptly slid to a halt as the ink from my pen began to bead in a very unremarkable way. Well, keeping in mind that making marks on bits of paper is by no means the only way to rest one's feet on a walkabout [plus that whatnot about making lemonade], i decided to suck on the stuff for a bit and mull things over. Well so then some things happened that don't *precisely* concern this subject so i won't go into them except to say that there was plenty of saliva at work on the paper and that i must've been at it for well over a quarter-hour [not that i want to be labled a braggart!] But what came out of my mouth is really more of the point isn't it? and that was; the expected spitball [of course], follwed by .... dum ta dah DUM! a very thin sheet of rubbery stuff! Well that's fun isn't it? yes of course it is! And then the rest of it is rather boring. Walk into copy-shop, rummage for more ream wrapper. chew a bit. cut to A1. think up nasty phrase for shift at the register. slip into a classy font. print. cut. iron. pick up some cloth-ink. rummage for brush. dab dab dab... blott... iron the blotter... pace a bit... peel off stencil. hop around excitedly... t-shirt resurection. have a coffee. practice confused look on el pinche and natas. okay that last bit was fun as well.