CRASS: Existencil Press Update


Anyway, at last CRASS ART AND OTHER PRE POSTMODERNIST MONSTERS by GEE VAUCHER has been published and is now available. Calverts have done another great printing job, though it’s pretty weighty to post, (but then it’s not a lightweight book), but we hope you think it is worth ordering.



There are quite a few new books in the pipeline that we hope to have published by the end of the year.

First we are aiming to have a new book by autumn from

PENNY RIMBAUD - 3rd STREET BLOCKADE - Miles in the Corridor

A poem of wide, wise and confronting beauty inspired by a recent visit to NYC.


We have a little book of paintings and poems from kids who ranged from two to thirteen. It’s a great off-beat publication of work that they all did together at the infamous Fantastic Art Weekend at Dial House. A children’s book of joy.


GEE VAUCHER has another illustrated book ready which we hope might make it this year.


We will also be publishing a book which will include a film by MICHEL WERNER. More about that to come.



There is an idea to do some sets of postcards soon and there are a couple of new prints on the horizon.



We are in the middle of designing a re-issue of SEMI DeTACHED by GEE VAUCHER. This will have the original soundtrack plus a remix by PENNY RIMBAUD. This has only been available on Video so we are finally catching up and publishing this as a DVD.



SWEDEN - Next week

At Bio Roy, Thursday 9th of August, 22.30


Music & Movie Performance

A collaboration between Penny Rimbaud & Michel Wenzer feauturing

Eve Libertine, Louise Elliott, Tomas Hulenvik & FAC


THRENODY FOR THE VICTIMS OF DOMINION is presented as a performance piece by the musicians, singers and performers in interaction with projected film footage and graphics. The music and sounds are created by and with contact microphones, turntables, feedback loops, circuit-bending and hardware-hacking as well as guitar, bass and drums.


This is a unique collaboration between film director and composer Michel Wenzer and punk legend Penny Rimbaud from Crass English. It is part of Michel Wenzers upcoming film project that examines the consequences of colonialism and imperalism of our time. The concert is a dialogue between Penny Rimbaud's texts, Michels Wenzers music and classic essays by Aimee Cesaire and Franz Fanon. Another participant is Louise Elliot, saxophone and Eve Libertine, singer of Crass.


Besides this:

"At night I fly" a film by Michel Wenzer

with a performance of "Oh America” by Penny Rimbaud.

Bio Haga Thursday the 9th at 11:30hrs

"Semi-Detached"  a film by Gee Vaucher will be screened in the small film houses built by artists in the festival area and park called Slottskogen, one or more times every day.

All these events are a part of the WAY OUT WEST FESTIVAL.

All info on the festival here:


NEW YORK CITY - On 26th September GEE VAUCHER will be giving a book launch and small exhibition of work at the BOOHOORAY GALLERY in NYC. The exhibition will consist of a collection of old and new publications by EXITSTENCIL PRESS from 1977 - 2012 (with a large gap of nothing in between!) DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES THIS EXHIBITION HAS BEEN POSTPONED.

************EXITSTENCIL will still be sharing a table with Boohooray Publications at the NEW YORK BOOKFAIR though, so might see you there at PS1 in Brooklyn.


LONDON -  Last November Gee Vaucher was part of a show at the BooHooray Gallery in New York.

The exhibition consisted the vast collection of fanzines that had been sent and given to Crass during tours etc. This show opens on a bigger scale with the edition of Johan Kugelburg’s own manic collection of ephemera, at the Hayward Gallery – London.

The date of the opening has now changed to the 13th September 2012

The show will include over 2000 fanzines made during the 70’s and 80’s and include a few originals by Gee.

This will be a fascinating exhibition illustrating not only the thoughts and dreams of a generation but technically, the way they were compiled and printed - Gestetner, Xerox, Lettraset, Silkscreen, stencil and of course by hand (the computer was still a twinkle in the common eye).

There will be events happening during the show but these have yet to be finalized, but we’ll let you know when we do.


Hope to write again soon and thank you for all your interest and support.

Love from all at Exitstencil Press