Electron Microscopic Stencils

i'm working on an abstract for a science and art conference and i
thought i can share something with you expressed your interest in this

the attached image are photographs taken using a microscope. the image
on the left shows the very simple stencil i cut out using focused beam
of electrons in a thin film of plastic. the special thing about this
plastic is that no biological molecules (proteins for examples) and
cells do not like to stick to it. so i cut out the rectangle which
measures 5x10 micrometers (diameter of your hair is about 100
microcmeters) and the material underneath gets exposed (in this case
it's plain silicon wafer). so instead of using paint i used somethng
more interesting for stenciling - living cells. i used fibroblasts.
they are in our bodies and they like to stick to various surfaces. for
example when you cut yourself, the fibroblasts flow into the cut and
heal it. then i put the whole thing in the cell culture and after some
time took it out, removed the micro-stencil and looked at it using a
microcope again. and the images in the middle (one cell) and on the
right (two cells competing for the space) show two examples of
stenciled living cells. (there is no way that a cell would shape itself
into a rectangle without the stencil)

and i can cut out any shape i want

Albus Cavus Gallery