EZP Sends Jan. Greetings

EZP Primate
One of EZP's new submissions to the Stencil Archive.

>NEW< EZP (Paris, FR)

After a mostly dismal start to 2022 (covid-related... you don't want to know!), the Stencil Archive was happy to see a few emails in our inbox from stencil OG EZP (Insta link) in Paris. Painting walls since the 1980s, EZP had scoured the Archive photos and found some of his older works, including one of his daughter as well as some from the now classic 2007 Difusor Stencil Meeting (this fun gathering is worth revisiting since it happened back in the heady days of the public art wave that eventually got labelled as street art).

I asked EZP to help me update the Archive albums where he found his work. I also encouraged him to send me some photos so that I could rightly feature his stencils in his very own Archive album. He nicely obliged, so click the link above to see his old and new works on the walls in France.

After 20 years of the Stencil Archive, we are always excited to hear from artists and help update their photos and information. We're grateful that EZP contacted us and enjoyed chatting with one of the Parisian originals.