Gee Vaucher / Exitstencil Press News


OK, this is the first mail out from Exitstencil Press and there’s much to tell, which is one of the reasons it has taken so long to say hello.

Firstly, we have very kindly been offered a gallery in London with which to officially launch Exitstencil Press  back into the land of the living again.
The’ UNDERGROUND GALLERY’ is exactly that and underneath Charing Cross Station, London.
This new gallery is the brainchild of a young photographer called Christine Santa Ana who, no doubt, has a lot of other good ideas up her sleeve for the future.
The launch of Exitstencil will take place on  21st NOVEMBER – 5th DECEMBER.
There will be a series of events starting with music from Tony Barber and Danny Drummond, otherwise known as THE NEAR FUTURE
Other events have yet to be confirmed and once they are, we’ll let you know all the times and dates.
There is an exhibition about to open at the BOO-HOORAY GALLERY NYC.
If you are around anytime between 30th SEPTEMBER – 20th OCTOBER, take a look at the show, it’s a fascinating display of fanzines
and other ephemera from the 70’s-90’s.
Again there will be events happening, so see the website.

Another exhibition will be opening at the NEXUS ARTS CENTRE in DROHEDA, IRELAND.
This is a solo exhibition of work by Gee Vaucher and will be a small retrospective of work from the 60’s to the present.
The show opens on SATURDAY 3rd MARCH and will run until 21st APRIL 2012.
There will be some events but these have yet to be thought about.
As to publications, we launched a book by GEE VAUCHER called MUCH ADO ABOUT SOMETHING – A play of Metaphors, a short story fully illustrated and with few words. This book comes with a magical CD.

This was closely followed by MY TSUNAMI OF EUPHORIA by DOMINIC THACKRAY, a graphic designer of great talent and madness.
Again this is fully illustrated with some of his fine graphics and type designs.

We are hoping that the next publication will be a book of PENNY RIMBAUD'S DRAWINGS called 62 RENAISSANCE DRAWINGS and hope to have this available by 21st November ready for the EXITSTENCIL LAUNCH.

Another great project for next year will be a book of LITTLE ANNIE'S writing, hopefully illustrated. Early days yet but keep an eye out.

Other projects in the pipeline include an amazing and fantastical recording by Penny Rimbaud, engineered by Tony Barber, featuring Louise Elliott, Japanther, Kate Shortt, Jennifer Maidman, Grace McGee and Geraldine Doulet called OH MAGICK KINGDOM.
There will be a special edition available at the show in NYC before the official launch Southern Records.

GEE VAUCHER has another book ready to be printed, but, as usual, due to the flow of finance, this whole operation depends on one project feeding the possibility of another, so who knows when this will go on the press?

Anyway, we think we are off to a great start and thank you all for your support and interest and  speak again soo