Haight Street, SF Archive Upated

A valentine on Divisadero Street.

The Stencil Archive for Haight and Divisadero Streets is updated. With around 800 images, spanning as far back as the late 1990s, this archive also includes Cole Valley and Duboce Park. Though many know about the Haight Ashbury name, locals break up Haight Street at Divis, which is where the hill to Upper Haight (Haight Ashbury), Ashbury Heights, and Cole Valley really begins. Below Divis is Lower Haight, where the bicycle Wiggle cuts through and goes past Duboce Park into the Upper Market, Castro, and Mission Districts. 

The Stencil Archive project began in earnest in 1997 after seeing covered sidewalks on Haight Street. Out of all the locations in San Francisco, only Valencia Street and the Mission District top Haight Street as the most concentrated and consistently painted parts of the City.

Along with this large update, SF's Other Locales archive also got a few new ones from North Beach today.