Janet Bike Girl in Paper Politics

Paper Politics is a travelling art show curated by Josh MacPhee. Paper Politics is an exhibition of politically and socially engaged printmaking. In 2005, the Seattle edition of Paper Politics opened at the Phinney Center Gallery, with work by 174 artists from the USA, Canada and around the world.

"Paper Politics presents a breathtaking tour of the many modalities of printing: relief, intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, collagraph, monotype, and photography. Most exciting is the inclusion in the show of finely crafted stencils and street printing, traditional media used to convey political thought."

A new edition of the exhibition cataloge of Paper Politics is in the works, and will be printed sometime this fall (2009). The first catalogue printed back in 2005, has long since sold out. The new Paper Politics book will be completely expanded and redesigned. www.pmpress.org PM Press

I first saw Paper Politics in New York , in DUMBO, Brooklyn at a Gallery called 5 plus 5, www.5plus5gallery.com and I think it was the best art show I had ever been to ! It really was exciting to see the real artwork by artists such as Swoon, Claude Moller, Holli, Graphonic, Eric Triantafillou, Jason Urban, Chris Rubino, Karen Fiorito, Colin Matthes, James Dodd, Rebecca Bughouse,Rockey Dobey, Chris Stain, Nicolas Lampert, David Loewenstein, Klutch, Meek, and Daryl Vocat.

The stencil print above is part of the Paper Politics Show, it was first shown in Portland , Oregon (2006). It is very large measuring 30 x 35 inches on very heavy cotton rag paper (BF Rives). Each bicycle stencil was printed by hand individually, so that is why some of the bicycles are not perfectly level. If you click my SETS on Flickr, in the Set called Art Shows, you can see photos of it, in a gallery setting.

Another Paper Politic Show is planned for August 2009, at the Ghost Print Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, USA. www.ghostprint.com

And closer to the end of 2009, a Paper Politics Show is scheduled to open in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Details will be released when I receive it.

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Enjoy !
Janet Bike Girl