Jstseeds artist update 11.05

I'm almost finished collecting images for my upcoming book Reproduce & Revolt: Radical Graphics for the 21st Century. If you haven't sent work in yet, or don't know what I'm talking about, check out the pdf of the call:

I've extended the deadline by a couple weeks.

I'm also giving a talk this month in New York City at Bluestockings Books, if you're in the NYC area, check out #2 below....

For those that are new to the list or are not sure why you're getting this: My name's Josh MacPhee and I run justseeds.org, a radical art distro on the web. You're getting this monthly email because our paths have crossed along the way somewhere, and it was lodged in my head that you're an artist of some sort. I've started this list to help spread the word on radical art opportunities, so if you're interested in getting info about:
-radical art calls/events/activities
-street art/graffiti projects
-political art publications and shows

...then stick around. If I've got you on here by accident, there's info at the bottom of this email so you can remove yourself from the list. I'm trying to help, not spam anyone, so if you're not interested, please just take yourself off the list.

Here's this month's info:
(1) Three Cities Against the Wall Show
(2) Nov. 20th Talk/ Taking Control of Your Visual Landscape
(3) Hard Pressed Studios
(4) Help Boxcar Books
(5) Save The Date, Allied Media Conference 2006

1) Three Cities Against the Wall Show

Ramallah, Tel Aviv, New York

Three Cities Against the Wall brings together Palestinian, Israeli, American and European artists in a unique and historic 3-city exhibition to protest the "Separation Wall" Israel is building in the Occupied Territories. Each artist is represented by works in all three cities. Please join us!

November 9 through December 8

ABC No Rio
156 Rivington Street
(between Clinton & Suffolk)
Sixth Street Community Center
638 East Sixth Street
(between Avenues B & C)

OPENING: Wednesday November 9 at 7:00pm
VIEWING HOURS: Sundays noon - 3:00pm
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 4:00 - 7:00pm

Al-Hallaj Gallery

Beit Ha'omanim (Artist House)

Thursday November 10 at 7:30pm
ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street
Tuesday November 15 at 7:30pm
1022 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn

REPORTBACK: Tuesday November 22 at 7:30pm
ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street
"Three Cities" artists Sara Danielle Frank and Tom Lewis will discuss the exhibition following their return from Ramallah and Tel Aviv.

Three Cities Against the Wall is funded, in part, through funds from the Wallace Global Fund, the Dedalus Foundation, the AJ Muste Memorial Fund, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Exhibition catalogue published by VoxPop Press


2) Nov. 20th Talk/ Taking Control of Your Visual Landscape

Taking Control of Your Visual Landscape
A Talk and Slideshow by Josh MacPhee

Novemeber 20th, 7PM
Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St., 212.777.6028

Taking Control of Your Visual Landscape is a presentation about just that, how our visual environment controls our social space from the top down, and ways to contest this. We will begin with a discussion of how corporations and the state use our environment, the "visual landscape," to create a monologue of control, and how this monologue frames our thoughts and behaviors. A slide show will be presented displaying an extremely broad array of styles and techniques of intervening in this system, spanning across both decades and continents. These images provoke peoples’ imaginations as to what a real public dialogue on the street might look like and show how possible it is. We will then discuss what seems to work or not work in terms of communicating on the street.

3) Hard Pressed Studios

Dear Artist,

I am writing to you to let you know about Hard Pressed Studios, the art printmaking operation I've started with my business partner, artist Karen Fiorito.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, we offer the highest quality custom screen-printing, whether reproducing existing art or taking artists through the process in the studio to produce new works. We specialize in high resolution halftone reproducition (including CMYK), custom colors (including matching to swatches), metallics, varnishes, and flocking. We can handle your color separation and pre-press needs or take your prepped, ready-to-print files and films.

We also offer design services for print/web and bookmaking and binding services.

Our current client list includes political artist Robbie Conal, Beautiful Decay magazine, Yuri Shimojo of Barnstormers, Hurley International, Graphonic, Hugh Gran, and many others.

I've attached some examples of our printed silkscreen work. Please email or call me with any questions you may have or for an estimate.

John Carr

4) Help Boxcar Books

Hello Boxcar Supporters!

First, the volunteers at Boxcar Books and the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project want to thank you for all the support that you have given us for the last three and a half years. We could not do the work that we do if it were not for the patronage, donations, and funding that we have received from conscious citizens like you. You have not let us down and we hope that we have not let you down by striving to maintain our position as not only a great bookstore where you can get information that you may not find anywhere else, but a community center where people are free to express themselves and organize with the intention of making the Bloomington community a more progressive and forward thinking place to live.

We are pleased to announce that Boxcar Books and the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project will be expanding within the next month!

We will be taking over the space next door, 312 S. Washington St. (formerly the Bellevue Gallery – congrats to Bloomington Playwrights Project on their move to 9th St.!). This expansion will give us more room for our ever-growing and diversifying inventory, a less-crowded and nicer meeting space, room for events, and much-needed space for Pages to Prisoners!

To do all of this, we need the support from our community. To make this expansion a successful one, we need help with the funding of many obligations including:

Boxcar Books Expansion Expenses:
-fifteen bookshelves at $50 each - $750
-three new magazine/zine racks at $200 each - $600
-misc. furniture - approx. $100
-desk for new office - $100
-computer for office - $400
-lighting - $300
-ordering inventory to fill new shelves – approx. $1000
-increase in rent - $625/month
-increase in bills - approx. $250/month
total (for the first month): $4125

Pages to Prisoners Expansion Expenses:
-seven bookshelves at $50 ea. - $350
-misc. furniture - approx. $200
-increased postage, packaging supply, book, and photocopy
costs – approx. $300/month
total (for the first month): $850

Shared Expansion Expenses:
-four folding tables at $125 ea. - $500
-32 folding chairs $25 ea. - $800
-lighting - $300
-paint - $50
total: $1650


We hope that you will be able to support your community
bookstore as we undertake this monumental step. If you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the
phone number or email address below.

Boxcar Books is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Your
donation is tax deductible. Donations can be made three

*Send in a check or money order along with your name,
address, and email address to Boxcar Books Attn: Expansion.

*Credit card donations can be made over the phone. Just
call 812-339-8710 and give the volunteer your credit card
number and the amount you would like to donate!

*You can also donate by sending PayPal funds to
donations@boxcarbooks.org, or by simply clicking on this

Be sure to let us know if you will need a receipt for tax purposes. Your donation will be appreciated at any time, but would be most useful for the expansion if sent on or before November 15! Thank you again for your support!

-The Volunteers at Boxcar Books and The Midwest Pages to
Prisoners Project

310A S. Washington St. * Bloomington, IN 47401 *
812-339-8710 * boxcar@boxcarbooks.org * www.boxcarbooks.org
5) Save The Date, Allied Media Conference 2006

This is a great conference, hang out, sales spot for folks interested in radical media and art...put it in your calender!!

Save The Date! The 8th annual Allied Media Conference will be held June 23-25, 2006, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Mark your calendars. Mark your friends' calendars. Sign 'em up for updates at http://alliedmediaconference.com. The 2006 AMC will be bigger, better, and funner than ever before. We'll be in touch in the next few months to ask you for help making sure of that.

The AMC Crew