Logan Hicks Flashback

Early 2000s Logan Hicks in Los Angeles

The past several weeks, Logan Hicks has been going through his personal image archives on social media, giving us an opportunity to get refreshed with his earlier works. He has also written great accounts of collabs, experiences, travels, and process. We even downloaded some missed pics, and took the opportunity to update Hicks' Stencil Archive. He hasn't gone back to the very beginning yet, but we have it all here from as far back as 2003!

Before he made a huge splash with his very large, photo-realistic architectural/street scene stencils, Hicks was cranking out sneaker images, portraits, and even a few sidewalk works. Some of Logan's first images here on Stencil Archive were credited to Workhorse in Los Angeles before contact was made and his personal archive was created. 

His fascination with patterns was there at the beginning: just look at his sneaker series from 2003. Hicks quickly began experimenting with buildings and street scenes back in 2003. The scaling up in size of his work soon followed, along with incredible depth and detail advancements.

Many people make photo-realistic stencils, but Logan Hicks pioneered the style, and cut it all by hand! When we met him in his Brooklyn apartment while working on the "Stencil Nation" book project around 2008, he reminded me that he was bleeding edge for this style of stencils since it was easy to forget this. There is no denying that Logan Hicks is the master of the multi-layered photo stencil style, and any chance to see his work live is worth the effort.