Lord Hao's Kosmopolite 2005 Report

The "Kosmopolite 2005 : International Graffiti Festival" in Paris was amazing this year, I met writers from USA, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Palestine, Denmark...

(There's one stencil pic on the last page of this album)

The Guests were :
Ces (US), Zedz (NL), Bates & Great (DK), El Mac & Siloette (US), Abel Al Rahman & Ahmad Katamani (PES), Xtra Largos (ES), Sharp (USA), Shuck DCM (Paris), Speedy Graffito (Paris), Der (Toulouse), Posh & Souk (Toulouse), Zenoy 3DT (Paris), HAO (Paris), Shuck 2 (Paris), Mask (Paris), Nesse (Grenoble), Vida (Paris), RAW crew, DUM crew, ASG crew, 21/22 crew, Jaz & Caru (Argentina).

Check the pictures here

See ya,