Maintaining the Balance: Purchase a Print, Another One (Stencil) Goes Up on the Streets

Maintaining The Balance from Dave the Chimp



To balance the output of street pieces and products for sale

To remain authentic while being commercially viable


Maintaining The Balance - Project 3

Customers are invited to purchase a print which funds an identical street piece.

The artist produces two identical prints. One is sent to the customer, the other is pasted in the street.

The print includes the customers name. The customer becomes both a patron of art for the community and an accomplice in an act of “vandalism”. 

The artist and customer both share the “fame” aquired with “getting their name up”, and the risk involved with the act of doing so.


Print specifications

Maintaining The Balance - Project 3

Two colour print, Acrylic on 190 gsm paper, 594mm x 420mm

Unlimited edition, though as each print is customised with customers name it becomes an edition of 1. Signed by the artist

30 euros + 5 euros shipping Europe, 10 euros worldwide


email for more details