More San Francisco Archive Updates

This IBM stencil ad, sprayed all over the Financial District in 2001, is an early example of corporations getting legally dinged for tagging sidewalks and walls.

Had a bit of fun strolling down through history with the South of Market (SoMa) and Financial District archive while it was being updated. With banks, government buildings, the Israeli consulate, and other spots that demand to be spoken to, the streets have something to say in SF's "downtown". This archive also includes Union Square, Jackson Square, Market Street, and the Embarcadero, tony locations where tourists visit and consumerism rules. Sure, things are down around this part of SF, but it hasn't been down for the first time. And it may not make a difference with illegal works. Advertisements pop up along with protest stencils. Some artists roll through to get up in this part of town. And stickers tend to run on signs here, making it a decent, and somewhat surprising spot, to stare at some street art.