New Uploads - A Bit of This...

...and a bit of that!

2 hens
Glad these two don't lay eggs!

Thanks to: Dylan Pitman; Josiah; Lynn Ray; Jeremy Novy; Brooklyn Street Art; @Louniki_; @radicalgraffiti; @regoef; @mensch_huis; trifluoracetic-acid; FICKxDINGERZ

Spinning: Foo Fighters, The Chieftans; 85 Maiden, 85 Dead

>NEW< Connecticut

>NEW< Savior el Mundo (NYC)

>NEW< Gary Taxali (CA)

Edmonton CA finally represents!

Black Rock City porta-potty art

New York City

Emeryville, CA

Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks


Italy (just one)




Here and there in SF

Valencia St. (just one)

The Tenderloin