A New (York) Coat of Paint

This 2006 stencil sums up the NYC scene.

The largest new wave stencil archive to date - New York City, with a bit of NY state thrown in - is complete, with about a dozen new images added at the end of the tedious updating.

I have wandered the streets many times in New York City and can never get enough of what is going on. Sure, things have changed over the decades, and I have found less-interesting stencils during my more recent perambulations. I'm a bit confused when I visit Williamsburg, where ruins by the river used to be full of all kinds of street art. Now there are shiny tall buildings with amazing views. Things change, especially in NYC.

But, during my last, very short trip to NYC, I found stencils. And I have to once again mention that Jaime Rojo keeps discovering interesting works while he snaps up all things fun for Brooklyn Street Art. Deep respect to him, and to the folks that keep putting up stencils in the streets over in the Big Apple.

I'll always return, and I'll always keep up the stencil hunt.