News from A1one

I've been crazy Busy all the past month ,doing thenew stencil project which will be going to meet the finishing  of cutting stage after 3 month  cutting at least 4 hours per day .Now i am at the one last layer. IT IS called : ...  ok lets keep the title and theme secret :)

There are some shows i am a part of whic h are already on the run.
First :

--------Urban Art Agenda#3
Directed  JD Mittmann,/ FamousWhenDead Gallery
I am proud of being a part of the show in australia bringing big talents of continents together touring in Australia cities.
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--------Friends with Knives
Curated By Paper Monster at
I am again proud to be in the online show and sale at Dirtypilot
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Updates on Indoor / outdoor Section
MY Studio Website is also Updated with Some new photos of Indoor and Outdoor Stuff
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The book ColorBlind is Up for sale at this website....
check that :