Process Invisible, Results Are Visual

Process Invisible, Results Are Visual. New work by Klutch and Ashley Montague plus a poster/sticker installation featuring street artists from around the world.

Who - Klutch and Ashley Montaugue
Installation Contributors - Abe Lincoln JR, Swoon, Matt Curran, MCA/Evil Design, APE 7, Vinnie Ray, Go Above, Todd Bratrud, Twelve Car Pileup, Ripper 1331, Farmer Bob, Dom, ghost:town:deluxe, PRVRT, Regular Product, Amy Rice, Chris Stain, Josh McPhee/Stencil Pirates, Mongomania, Give Em Hell, Skumskullz, You Are Beautiful, Visual Narcotic, Morning Joe, Awful, Slow Poke, U-C-E-R*, Anti Advertising Agency, Zombie, Zoltron, The Law One, Poppa, Dave/Peel zine, Ecce, Chun 1, Meems, Alex Lily, Matt Shlilan, and more being added every day.

Where - The Goodfoot, Portland, Or, USA

When - Opening Sept 30 and runs through October