Revamped the Burning Man Archive

BRC 2013
Violence, humor, and unsafe conditions always on display at Burning Man (2013).

Stencil Archive's Burning Man - Black Rock City archive has been cleaned up and updated!

I don't head out to Black Rock City anymore, but I do enjoy following the fun every year. I know that Jeremy Novy and fnnch go out there to make art and have fun, and I can only assume that stencils are still all over the place at Burning Man. My first time out, I was unprepared for my usual urban habit of snapping pics of stencils. My camera evolved over the preceding visits: disposable film > borrowed digital with memory card > old iPhone; but I managed to catch stencils during my wanderings. Every year I attended. And I started cutting and painting my own out there as well.

After helping a few first timers this year, and following the fun again online, I took a look at my BRC archive here on Stencil Archive and realized that it was a bit of a mess. I thought I'd move a few photos, reorder a bit more, and call it done, but I ended up renaming dozens of images. I then decided to reduce to my preferred size and add the logo watermark. While I was doing all this work, I have renamed the archive for Nevada and BRC. 

Enjoy the new and improved Burning Man stencil love. And, like a DPW stencil said in 2006: If "you're not dirty enough," then you aren't having enough fun out there. :)