RIP Michael Moll

Stencils (Public Art) can inform, inspire, and incite..... Here is an email from someone who discovered this (Russell)


This is a heart rending story, please give it your attention and share this information.

I was wandering around San Francisco as I usually do, and I happened upon this Art on the sidewalk. Looks like a memorial of sorts. It is on the corner of 19th Avenue & Noriega Street in San Francisco, near the Penzoil Station.

There is a date on this art 2/19/2003. I saw it yesterday 2/19/13. So I did some research and found out that this was the 10 year anniversary of the Shooting of Michael Moll near this spot.

(One thing I know about News is, don’t believe everything that is written, you have to question things and use your brain! Who wrote it, what intentions do they have and so forth….) That said here is what I found on the internet…..

It is a very sad story and my heart goes out to his family and all the pain they must have suffered because of this.
(The below info is upsetting so be aware of that)

Here is a little info I found in my research:
February 19, 2003 - Authorities said officers were compelled to open fire Wednesday on Michael Moll of San Francisco after he drove a stolen Honda Civic into an unmarked police cruiser's open passenger door, ramming it into a plainclothes officer.... The officers fired a total of eight shots, striking Moll five times. Police defend killing of youth -- his parents want a probe)

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