Spain on the Up and Update

Opinions literally in the streets of Barcelona

With just one recent image to upload (shown), the Stencil Archive for Spain has been updated. 

Over the years, filename formats have varied, but the final format was only decided about 5-7 years ago. The Spanish archive goes back to the beginning of the project, so filenames can be anything from "ESBarc_01" to "ESP Gren 01" or to ES_Saville_01". Part of what is going on behind the scenes is that the above are getting renamed "ES Barcelona 01", "ES Grenada 01" and "ES Saville 01". We are also attempting to rename some of the numbered images to actually include more searchable words that are in the photograph. And then there are moments when artists files (Spain had two Banksy photos and one from CSP) have to be moved to the artist archives, including when new artist archives are created.

Fun and improved for your maximum good time...