Spray for Haiti : Buy Benefit Prints for UNICEF

From Joe Iurato:
"As you all know, I released a "Spray For Haiti" limited edition stencil last week. The edition sold out in less than 3 minutes of its announcement. When I announced the second round of the prints an anonymous donor promptly asked if he could purchase them all. His pledge for the 20 paintings -- $3,000. I received a confirmation from UNICEF, and just like that my goal had been exceeded. I would love to credit this person and tell you all who he is, but he asked that I not do so. So I'll honor that. And there's one more catch:

While the release is officially sold out, he asked that I send him one painting - and re-sell the remaining the 19. That said, I'm going to sell "his paintings" for original asking price of $50 each to the first 19 people who reply. The money will go directly UNICEF once again, and I hope now to bring an approximate total of over $5,000 towards disaster relief in Haiti. For more info please email Joe at joe.iurato@gmail.com