squeeze bottles for painting stencils?

i'm wondering if you know of anyone who's had success using a squeeze bottle to deliver a paint concoction (for inside use- less noise)... please let me know what you do on this matter.


i havent tried it but what about those sponge squeeze dishwashing bottles , and putting them in a plastic bag?could get messy though.They sell a house painting tool that holds paint in a tube and has sort of a syringe device that distributes the paint It has replaceable sponge pieces for pretty cheap.I just began expreimenting with stenciling and have only used cans,these are just ideas so far ill try them out and see.


It helps to ass something to thin it.

When I print shirts I use fabric paint with rubbing alcohol for thinning in a spraybottle.

Rubbing alcohol or paint thinner in small amounts might help it come out smoother.