Stencil Archive at 20: Fresh Uploads

Alfred E. Neuman
After contributing to Doug Gilford's massive Mad site, he finally contributes to the Stencil Archive!

A rare note on submitting photos: The flicks keep coming! With almost 26,000 photos on Stencil Archive, they mostly come from our own photographs (you'll usually see the Stencil Archive logo watermark) and travels. Many friends have kept looking for stencils and sending me photos, while TXMX sends his annual photo hoard from Hamburg, Italy, and beyond, around January of every year. And, out of their kindness of sharing alike, Jaime Rojo at Brooklyn Street Art keep snapping stencils during his wanderings. Recently, many new stencil photos come from social media sources. As for artist-direct submissions, social media has mostly taken that over and our new artist uploads are from other sources. We try to give thanks to all of the above with every upload. And the work put into formatting the files, prepping the uploads, searching and organizing, and posting and sharing is always done while listening to music. The past five years or so, the work has been done while spinning vinyl. Getting up to flip sides makes a good break about every 20 minutes :P

Thanks to: Doug Gilford, Mark Cort, Brooklyn Street Art, @StreetArtUtopia; @Emily_Lykos; r/stencils; u/Mirudos

Spinning: Art Blakey (TJM); Animal Collective

Argentina (just one)

Estonia (just one)

Pro-Ukranian by ZooN and DelysiD

Pro-Ukranian in Hamburg

Getting hot in the UK

Israel (just one)

Fillmore St., SF

Hayes Valley, SF

Pacific Heights, SF

Eclair (just one)


Oregon (just one)

Swoon at the Met

Tennessee (just one)