Stencil Archive - New! Improved!

An early-2000s stencil in the Mission Dist., SF
An early 2000s stencil in SF's Mission District

An Enhanced Summer Diversion

Since 2002, Stencil Archive has held down a well-painted corner of the World Wide Web. Our last upgrade was back in 2014, so welcome to today's newest upgrades!

The site may look a little different, but all the content is still a few clicks away. And, like the 2014 revision, Stencil Archive is responsive to all the devices that you surf the net with. As always, this is a no-profit project, with no advertising and no monetizing of your art, photographs, and data. 

A few small tweaks may happen in the coming days, and then expect an overhaul of the deep and awesome Archive itself. 

Keep checking in for new content. Enjoy the new look. And thanks as always for being part of Stencil Nation.