Stencils on T-Shirts

A few people have asked Stencil Archive for tips and info on spray painting stencils on t-shirts. Some tips I've given them are mostly screen printing tips:

- use a flat palate (piece of wood, glass, or even marble) to keep the shirt flat
- make a mark in the middle of the palate so you can center your shirt
- maybe use spray tack to keep the shirt from moving
- put the shirts out in the sun or in the dryer to cure the paint
- if you want tight lines, practice improves your skills

I've heard from others that painting on shirts is just as good as pro inked jobs. Not much fading or just enough to make the shirt look old and worn.

If anybody has any tips on stenciling t-shirts, your comments would be helpful.


Yeah, its the cheaper way to have a sentence or whatever you want to in a t-shirt (and for winning a few money if you accept orders...ñ_ñ)
Just two tips more; remember not to use a lot of paint, it would stay rigid (and I mean really rigid) and wash it before the first use, adding a lot of softener - unless you want people to get high with your paint-smell as you pass by ;P


In my opinion, the best way to make a "Stenciled" T-Shirt is to print the stencil in sticker paper, then cut it, and then stick it to the shirt. This way the borders are just perfect.

Any other ideas???


What I do is use Card Stock paper or Divider paper (for binders). Then I use a glue stick and glue it on the paper and stick it on the shirt, and then I spray it, then I peel it off and no glue is visible. It's fool proof.

And to make dark colors stand out on black shirts, is you place your stencil down and you spray it with white, then wait for a bit and then spray the dark color over it.


Can someone recommend a type of spray paint, or other paint to print on t-shirts with, that will last for a long time???



Is this a good mask to use? respirator mask


does everyone remember that do it yourself airbrushing kit that was so popular in the 90's? i cant remember the name of it. im trying to find one. those would be perfect for stenciling.

i do have a tip for everyone spraypainting shirts: use a thick t shirts, because i spraypainted a thin white t shirt and the paint is scratchy and it itches.

use lots and lots of fabric sofetnner.

i like for my t shirts to look a little faded nd worn, so i wash mine about 5-10 times before wearing them. this really softens up the paint and makes it much more comfortable.

hope this helps.