Until Feb. 1: Amanda Marie (SF, CA)

Amanda Marie

I Was Just Thinking


January 11 - February 01, 2014
Amanda Marie has a deeply rich visual language, with 100's of stencils creating a massive vocabulary of imagery that is both comforting and spooky at the same time. Never heavy-handed, but with subtle hints and nostalgic vision she pulls viewers into her work with imagery dominated by children and totemic animals reminiscent of Golden Books-era illustration. Upon deeper inspection, Amanda's character placement invokes powerful feelings on more mature themes like sexuality and the loss of innocence, greed, happiness, envy and elation. 

Amanda's graphic imagery is primarily aerosol and stencil based. With the current widespread popularity of stencil art it is refreshing to see her unique and expanding language. A language that is distinct from the overtly sexual or violent and punchline oriented imagery that initially drew audiences to the genre. As stencilism matures, Amanda's visual language is keeping pace with a more developed and discerning eye.