Workhorse Studio Tags the Wireless Market with Its Mobile Content

Workhorse Studio and Wiredset, are proud to announce the launch of Workhorse Wireless: a digital library of contemporary urban graphics, images, photographs, and art for the mobile environment. The quality of Mobile content leaps forward with Workhorse's entry into the Mobile content market place. Working directly with the most respected artists in their fields, Workhorse is able to bring its art to market utilizing the technological expertise of the digital agency Wiredset. Within the Workhorse ranks are artists such as Jeff Soto, Faile, Meomi, Seth Ciferri, Brendan Monroe, Blaine Fontana, Tara McPherson, MCA, and Justin Hampton.

"The Workhorse project is an early and important entry into digital personalization for mobile users. It is a significant and stylish offering for mobile users, taking them out of the operator logo ghetto," Wiredset founder Mark Ghuneim said.

Workhorse has been entrenched in the urban and street art world for the better part of 15 years. A graphic design firm with an emphasis on youth-branded marketing campaigns, Workhorse speaks from the trenches, not from the soapbox.

The Workhorse Wireless website offers hundreds of images updated daily in several categories such as: Urban, Tattoo, Sports, Humor, Love, and Sexy. In addition to category searches, consumers can look up images by their favorite artists. Workhorse has exclusive license to over 150 artists and to more than 5,000 properties.

Wiredset, launched by music industry veteran and former Sony Music Senior Vice President Mark Ghuneim, is a creative digital agency that works elegantly across television, internet, and mobile platforms.

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