Xavi Panneton Interview


For about 5 years now, I have have been lucky to visit with artist Xavi Panneton and snap photos of his glyphic stencils (check out his archive here). Over the past few months, Xavi has been putting up a mural on Cypress St. (at 24th St.). Utilizing graffiti and stencil techniques, along with other amazing styles, Xavi's mural continues his deep search for universal meanings via color, patterns, and lines. Soulpurpose snapped some great shots of his new work and interviewed him in the process. You should click over to see all the great photos that go with the discussion.

Here's an example Q and A to tease you to click through:

Many of the stencils and glyphs that you create seem to be encoded with a form of language - holding layers of information expressed through geometries.  Do these symbols carry any preset meaning for you?  Are there any symbols that hold a particularly special resonance?

X:   The primary ‘meaning’ of the symbols for me is that they are vast sums of experience condensed into a single package that can be downloaded instantly into your mind and heart. The total contents of the package will then be instantaneously cognized at every level of your being. The symbols are literally a visual mark of the experience contained within it. For example, you get a package that contains the entire history of a particular culture. The ‘symbol’ is the -spiritual identities- of every person who lived in that culture combined, as well as all their knowledge and experiences.  All this is condensed into one shape that burns with meaning and a strange familiarity.

Sometimes I like to make a symbol that looks like a frog or whatever and say “thats the frog symbol”!  “Sun Spirit”  symbol is another one… thats just for fun…