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16 May: Now & Then (Melbourne)

At the turn of the millennium Melbourne’s visual street culture was undergoing the beginnings of an extreme makeover. HA-HA, SYNC & DLUX! - pioneers of the city’s widely celebrated street art scene presented their first collaborative exhibition in 2003. It was an early experiment into bringing imagery most commonly found on the street into a gallery space. Many things have developed in the decade since then, in the artists, the communities, the spaces and the contexts in which they all operate. Now & Then is an exhibition that will present early works from these artists alongside more recent investigations in a celebration of times past and time’s passing.

Opens Friday May 16th, Second Story Studios, 159 Sackville Street, Collingwood


April 10: Portraits, Patterns and Pochoir by Urban Soule (WA)

Urban Soule: Portraits, Patterns and Pochoir

For this Gallery exhibit I created an array of patterns and portraits by incorporating modern and traditional use of paper cutting (Pochoir), hand applied textures, various paints such as aerosol, latex and acrylics to make my colorful, thought provoking artwork. My images will range from Queen Elisabeth to Ancient Buddhist Mandalas along with Graffiti and Endangered Animals. Come see me (and my biggest solo show for 2014) at the Opening Reception April 10th from 5-10pm during the Kirkland art walk.

Ryan James Fine Arts
11905 124th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98034

Apr 12: This Side Up, David Soukup (SF, CA)

White Walls Project Space is pleased to announce This Side Up, a new solo show from 2013 Stencil Art Prize winner, David Soukup.

● Featuring a continued exploration of the urban landscape, inspired by the fire escapes of Chicago and told through hand cut stencils--some requiring more than 100 hours to complete--based off of the artist’s own photographs, layered and textured onto wood panels with combinations of plaster, concrete, oil, acrylic, latex, and spray paint.

● At White Walls Project Space, 886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.

● Opening Saturday, April 12 from 7-11 p.m. On view through May 3, 2014.

● Free and open to the public.

11 April: Swoon at Brooklyn Museum

Submerged Motherlands

April 11–August 24, 2014
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery, 5th Floor

Brooklyn-based artist Swoon celebrates everyday people and explores social and environmental issues with her signature paper portraits and figurative installations. She is best known for her large, intricately-cut prints wheat pasted to industrial buildings in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

For this exhibition, Swoon creates a site-specific installation in our rotunda gallery, transforming it into a fantastic landscape centering on a monumental sculptural tree with a constructed environment at its base, including sculpted boats and rafts, figurative prints and drawings, and cut paper foliage.

Often inspired by contemporary and historical events, Swoon engages with climate change in the installation as a response to the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy that struck the Atlantic Coast in 2012, and Doggerland, a landmass that once connected Great Britain and Europe and that was destroyed by a tsunami 8,000 years ago.

Swoon: Submerged Motherlands is organized by Sharon Matt Atkins, Managing Curator of Exhibitions, Brooklyn Museum.

2.15: A Saturday with C215

February, 15, from 5 pm to 8 pm

No need anymore to introduce C215 who is well-known by by urban art lovers but also a large audience, as much in France as worldwide. His stencils have flourished in cities all over the world and in Vitry-sur-Seine, the town he is currently living in, a outdoor museum of urban art since 2009.

The Paris based Galerie Openspace is now delighted to welcome C215, a stencil art master, in partnership with Print Them All, around a signing, a print release and an exhibition.

After a first book published in 2009, Critères Publishing was not able to resist publishing one again 5 years later. Far away from a fashion flow, the success of C215 is well-deserved. So here is the 41st opus délit released in bookstores and at Galerie Openspace.
Christian Guémy aka C215 will be present for signing his book "Un maître du pochoir" published in the Opus Délits collection, along with the author Christian Omodeo (Le Grand Jeu).

In partnership with the online gallery dedicated to limited editions of ubran contemporary artists Print Them All, Galerie Openspace organizes the exclusive release in France of a lithography recently edited by Idem. 15 copies have been put aside for Paris ! Each copy is unique and hand painted by the artist.

Until Feb. 1: Amanda Marie (SF, CA)

Amanda Marie

I Was Just Thinking

January 11 - February 01, 2014
Amanda Marie has a deeply rich visual language, with 100's of stencils creating a massive vocabulary of imagery that is both comforting and spooky at the same time. Never heavy-handed, but with subtle hints and nostalgic vision she pulls viewers into her work with imagery dominated by children and totemic animals reminiscent of Golden Books-era illustration. Upon deeper inspection, Amanda's character placement invokes powerful feelings on more mature themes like sexuality and the loss of innocence, greed, happiness, envy and elation. 

Jef Aerosol a Marseille

JEF AEROSOL à Marseille

- mercredi 20 novembre à 18h : rencontre - signature des ouvrages "Parcours Fléché" (éditions Alternatives / Gallimard) et "Risques de Rêves" (éditions Critères) à la friche de La Belle de Mai / librairie Salle des Machines (41 rue Jobin, Marseille)

- jeudi 21 novembre à partir de 18h 30 :
vernissage de l'exposition "Les deux font la paire" (Jef Aérosol et Nicolas Rubinstein) à la galerie David Pluskwa Art Contemporain (53 rue Grignan, Marseille)

- depuis le 1er novembre : "Deep Eyes" (8 grands formats de Jef Aérosol) exposés au Pavillon M (Place Villeneuve-Bargemon, Marseille)

- samedi 23 novembre de 15h à 19h : performance "live painting", Jef Aérosol intervient sur le M/U/R (modulable, urbain, réactif), panneau 3 x 5 m géré par l'association Juxtapoz  (angle cours Julien / rue Crudère, Marseille)

15 Oct : MBW "Pop on Paper" (London)

We are excited to announce the arrival of Mr Brainwash and 40 fresh works on paper from Los Angeles to our dear old Westbank Gallery. This will be an unmissable exhibition set during the time of Frieze. If you can get yourself down to the preview night from 6-10pm on Tuesday 15th October, 2 days before the official opening of Frieze and Moniker Art Festivals, make sure you send an email right away to We will be showing some completely fresh works (the paint will have barely dried on them) on both floors of the gallery as well as some revisitations of his classic Mohammed Ali and Madonna and Britney Spears images but on a larger scale and on paper (also freshly painted).


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