STRA Street Art (FR)

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Rumo (DE)

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Laura Luque (AR)

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Artista Plástica, nacida en 1977 en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Diseñadora de Indumentaria de profesión, mientras estudiaba la carrera descubrió la pintura y allí comenzó a transitarla a través de Ilustraciones y Murales. Más tarde los aerosoles y el collage serían sus grandes aliados para contar sus historias y así "Resignificar el Pasado". Su obra contempla un lado lúdico del cual ella considera “el adulto nunca debería desprenderse” y esto mismo es el estímulo para jugar en la obra con diferentes materiales. Utiliza técnicas Mixtas, muchas de ellas nacen del Arte Urbano y de la experimentación propia.

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About F CK Flavio Campagna KAMPAH
Is an internationally acclaimed Designer, Director, Painter, Illustrator, Photographer and Stencil Artist who’s been living and working all his life in scattered places around the world, starting from his hometown Parma in Italy to London, Rome, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Bali and Sydney. While in Los Angeles in the 90s he was one of the pioneers of TV motion graphics, his style and works for television have been vastly influential for many modern designers and video directors around the world. He now works full time as a Stencil Artist going around the world between Art Shows,Exhibits, Private Commisions and Artist Residencies.


Roadsworth (CA)

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Roadsworth first gained notoriety as a street artist using a stencil-based technique to alter and subvert, in often playful and humorous ways, various elements of the urban landscape. This early period of his career is chronicled in the NFB documentary: Roadsworth: Crossing the Line. His ground paintings, murals, and installations have been commissioned throughout North America, also in South America, Europe, and Asia. He has showcased his work with the LAF, the Cirque du Soleil, the Tour de France and Banksy’s Can’s Festival, to name a few. His unique approach of blending art and activism can be seen in his collaborations with such organizations as Greenpeace and Amnesty International. His recognizable brand of street art has been featured and discussed in many of the leading publications on street art in the past two decades. He lives in Montreal, Canada.


Sr.X (UK)

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Sr. X is a Spanish street artist based in London. His work in the streets is mainly done mixing stencils with brushes and more traditional techniques, some of his inspirational themes are pop culture, films, publicity and urban legends, which he normally gives expression to through stencils, paste-ups or installations. His creations are often wrapped in a distinct tone of irony and social criticism, frequently shrouded by a veil of sharp humour. In addition to his work in the streets, he likes to experiment with mixing street art techniques and more traditional elements such as acrylics and oil on wood panels in his studio, bringing his canvas creations one step forward with a more polished and elaborated process.

Link: Sr.X (UK)

FR Arts (DE)

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FR ARTS: Als FR arbeite ich nun schon seit 2014 im Bereich des Stencil Arts und verarbeite ein weitreichendes Themenspektrum in meinem eigenen Style. Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeiten sind jedoch großformatige Portraits als single- oder multi-layer.  Im Folgenden greife ich einige aktuelle Projekte auf und erläutere meinen Gedankengang im Schaffensprozess.

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D’abord parce que son terrain d’intervention privilégié est la rue, et ce depuis l’adolescence dijonnaise. Dans le milieu du graffiti en premier lieu, puis dans la sphère de l’art urbain par le biais du pochoir et de l’affiche. Ensuite, parce qu’il s’inscrit en marge de tout académisme qui voudrait qu’un mot soit dans le dictionnaire. 

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Link: RNST (FR)

Vale Stencil (MX)

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Valérian, or Valé Stencil, is a french street artist born in 1990. Now based in Mexico City after a decade of travel, Valé has developed an aesthetic that combines figurative stencil compositions with pop-graffiti styling, both as murals and canvas artworks. With a strong compassion and belief in human spirit, his works can be seen as a mirror to our common humanity.

Combining various techniques, his work is primarily constructed with numerous layers of hand-cut stencils, painted with a mix of brushes, aerosol cans and markers. Within this practice he combines chaotic shapes on multicolored backgrounds and subtle shading stencils to achieve a sense of photorealism.


Akrylski (Dublin)

Submitted by russell on Sat, 06/27/2020 - 13:13

Why I am doing this?

Really a lot of people I met in my life asked me why I do it. There were basically so many of them that the question became tiresome. To their surprise, it's not about big ideas, content promotion, or sympathizing with any political option.

Painting street art is sport. Extreme sport This is art for art's sake. When you ask Tony Hawk why he is riding a skateboard, he will probably scratch his head and say that he just loves it. The same applies to me. A long time ago I fell into a terrible addiction to adrenaline and since then I paint at night. It is very addictive. It sits in my head and must come out. I am an exemplary citizen by day. I pay taxes, I'm punctual and help my neighbor bring heavy shopping bags upstairs. At night I run away from the police and get into a fight while painting.