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Stencil Art Class with Jeremy Novy

Stencil Class is Back at 1AM!!

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a stencil artist? Do you like sharp things and spray paint? Feel the need to reject society’s conventions and make art that everyone can appreciate? Stenciling is used by several activist groups and governments; it’s an inexpensive tool that can have a huge visual impact on the community. Take a class in stencil making with a brief yet insightful history of stenciling with local stencil artist Jeremy Novy. Jeremy is known for his koi fish stencils found swimming throughout the city of San Francisco.  Learn the meaning behind the Koi Fish stencil and how to design, cut and spray your own stencil. The class includes all supplies needed and a package of stencil making material.

Xacto blades, markers, glue, and spray paint provided during the class only.

-occurs every month
-each class consists of one session
-the class is $55/person
Ages 14+ welcome

Customizable Stencil Kit

Customizable Stencil Lets Anyone Make Street Art Infographics


Ninety percent. That's the amount of ocean life depletion since 1950 and a figure too dry to make most people pay attention. Presented visually, however, the statistic takes on new strength, and as a pie chart splattered in spray paint across an urban wall, the fact-as-street-art becomes unavoidable for any passerby.

With the help of a new pie chart stencil by interactive media artist Golan Levin, creating politically charged graffiti just got a bit easier. The fully customizable "Infoviz Graffiti" toolkit allows users to quickly swap out the numbers and letters and adjust the slice of the pie.

Stencil Workshop (Seattle, WA)


No country craft stencils here! It looks like silk ...screening, but it's  stenciling! The Stencil Workshop will be taught by Kim McCarthy aka SOULE of Urban Soule Design.
This workshop jumps into action with Kim guiding you through the entire process from the creation of the stencil, to applying the stencil image on multiple surfaces,using a variety of  mediums. Learn to transfer your images onto fabric, paper, wood and many  other surfaces. This is a very fun, hands-on class so you should wear "painting  clothes". Students are encouraged to give renewed life to their vintage clothes,  bags, 100% cotton shirt or fabric. (100% cotton works best but a  cotton/poly blend will do, shirts with ribbing (raised vertical lines)  do NOT stencil well) also recommend: pillow cases, tote bags, sketchbooks, canvas, etc...  which you should bring to apply your stencil(s) on.

All paint and other materials will be provided for use in the class only. (including other stencil material, X-acto knife, cutting board and paints) Bring your own black and white image to use for the stencil (printedon paper), keep in mind you may be tracing the image so the simpler and cleaner the lines, the  better. No more than 5 students per class to allow for plenty of individual instruction. You will leave the class with your printed stenciling samples, instructions, the custom stencils that you designed for this class, and  the confidence to personalize your life with creative stenciling  designs!

Ages 18+ only. All levels welcome.
Cost: per person (includes materials fee)
Time: Roughly 3-5hrs depending on class option
All classes take place the month of June 2010
Class Options Basic: $85.00 Learning how to cut and apply one layer  stencils
Intermediate: $115.00 Learning how to cut 2-3 layer stencils
Advanced: $145.00 Learning to cut 3+ layerstencils for photo-realistic  look
Classes will be held the month of June. Dates and times are chosen by  you as a student (upon checkout leave a note specifying the date and  time you would like to do the class and I will schedule you) To see more artwork and register visit Urban Soules Official Website at: and


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