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26 Jun :: LGBTQ Stencil Workshop in LA

Join Center for the Study of Political Graphics local artists & activists to make stencils for LGBTQ rights!

Everyone Welcome!

Sat., June 26, 1pm to 5pm
At the Peace Building
8124 West Third Street Los Angeles, CA 90048

This workshop is being held in conjunction with CSPG's upcoming exhibition Out of the Closet & Into the Street: Posters of LGBTQ Struggles & Celebrations, premiering July 3 - September 26, 2010 at the ONE Archives & Museum.
Selected stencils will become a part of the exhibition.

For more information contact Mary Sutton, Program Director at CSPG 323.653.4662 · ·

Wash DC Stencil Class 14 Feb

(Washington, DC) Kevin "JAZI" Irvin, is self-taught DC artist with a huge presence at Artomatic, Art Whino, Albus Cavus events and work for major companies such as Red Bull and Adidas. Jazi is leading the workshop on Sunday, February 14, 2010 will be all about stencils. Jazi will share his secrets on selecting the right materials, transfering the images, cutting and applying the paint. The Fridge, 516 8th Street SE (rear alley), Washington, DC is in walking distance from Eastern Market Metro Station. Wear working clothes. All supplies provided. Fee $25. Be original and bring your Valentine to an art class! Get more information about Albus Cavus Classroom and the current schedule.

Get Some Friends and Stencil Some Drains

Long-time Stencil Archive contributor Bryn threw a link my way from a Sacramento, CA government website, asking citizens to "Help educate your neighbors, Get a group together to stencil
drainage inlets in your neighborhood with the 'don't dump here flows
to creek' message." The PDF packet is about as legal as you can get for this stencil.

Here in San Francisco, the National Surfrider Foundation has begun to stencil drains around the City. Their site is looking for volunteers that will be "working with the local city governments on developing this program, designing stencils/plaques to be placed at storm drains, recruiting and coordinating volunteers to attach stencils/plaques to storm drains and map locations of storm drains/plaques. We need YOU for the project!"

SOULE offers Stencil Class

Go here for more information!

No country craft stencils here! It looks like silk screening, but it's stenciling!

The Stencil class will be taught by Kim McCarthy aka SOULE of Urban Soule Design.

This class jumps into action with Kim guiding you through the entire process from the creation of the stencil,
to applying the stencil image on multiple surfaces,using a variety of mediums. Learn to transfer your images onto fabric, paper, wood and many other surfaces.

This is a very fun, hands-on class so you should wear "painting clothes".

Students are encouraged to give renewed life to their vintage clothes, bags, 100% cotton shirt or fabric. (100% cotton works best but a cotton/poly blend will do, shirts with ribbing (raised vertical lines) do NOT stencil well)
also recommend: pillow cases, tote bags, sketchbooks, canvas, etc... which you should bring to apply your stencil(s) on.


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