Best of 2011: Featured in Vienna 'zine

During my 2008/9 Stencil Nation book tour, I set up an event with Matteo Grieder at his art space Zeitvertrieb in Vienna, Austria. Matteo was nervous about the turnout (a common anxiety during my European tour), but I had Pod and Austrian artist Dieter Puntigam backing me up with live VJ and DJing. A nice crowd came for my presentation, bought books, ate and drank, and made a great scene for the event. Pod laid down a nice bed of video whil Dieter worked his tagtool device. Matteo was surprised and happy with the results.

A month ago, Matteo approached me with a request for photo submissions to his fun art zine "Artyfucked". It is mostly a sketch zine, but he also features street art from cities around the world. Issue #8 features my stencil photos (the cream of the crop) from SF. They mostly cover 2011's greatest hits, featuring Get Up, Banksy, Blek, Todd Hanson, Sasquatch, Eddie Colla, and other great unknown artists. He also put them all in an online album.

Support a great project that is another labor of love and buy a copy of "Artyfucked" today!