(1) Art Auction for Daniel McGowan

Call for Artwork: Benefit Gallery Show for Daniel McGowan
June 23, 2006 at ABC No Rio
Co-sponsored by Visual Resistance and Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan
Deadline: June 1, 2006
On December 8th, my friend was arrested at his workplace by federal marshals. The friend I know as a tireless activist and a funny, generous, caring person was ripped from his friends and family without warning and held without bail in federal prison, facing multiple felony charges and life in prison.

I met Daniel McGowan during the buildup to the protests against the Republican National Convention in New York. The Visual Resistance crew was organizing the No RNC Poster Project and Daniel was our first ally. In the time since, Daniel has been a personal friend to all of us in VR and to many more in the larger New York activist community. His constant smile and good humor belied his selfless devotion to making this world a better place.

And on December 8th, he was disappeared. Charged with multiple felonies — for which the statutes of limitation were close to expiring — Daniel was extradited to Oregon and held without bail for two months. His arrest came as part of a massive government crackdown on the radical environmentalist movement which many are referring to as the “Green Scare.” His arrest left the community in shock.

Daniel has pled not guilty to all charges. Although he’s currently out on bail, he faces a lengthy and extremely expensive trial. His family and friends have been scrambling to raise funds and organize a defense team.

Simply put, he needs our help, and we need yours.

We are planning a one-night gallery show and art auction on June 23rd at ABC No Rio to help pay for Daniel’s legal defense. We are asking artists who are committed to social justice and political activism to contribute artwork. Some art will also be sold through our website. All proceeds will go to help pay Daniel’s legal costs.

Any artwork you can contribute will be a huge help, and we appreciate your generosity in advance. The work in the show will encompass a myriad of themes, styles, and techniques. Work that deals with the issues involved in the Green Scare are appreciated, but not required.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating artwork! We are more than happy to work with you on your terms and can cover incidental costs such as shipping. We can pick up artwork in the New York City area – email visual.resistance@gmail.com for a mailing address.
Ryan, visualresistance.org
For more information on Daniel’s case and the Green Scare, see:
Below is an official statement about the case released by Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan:
Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist, unjustly arrested and charged in federal court on multiple counts of arson, property destruction, and conspiracy, relating to two incidents that occurred in Oregon in 2001. Daniel has asserted his innocence by pleading not guilty to all charges. He is facing a minimum of life in prison if convicted.
Daniel is from New York, and has been an active member of the community, working on diverse projects such as military counter-recruitment, demonstrations against the Republican National Convention, Really Really Free Markets, and supporting political prisoners such as Jeff “Free” Luers and others. Daniel was a graduate student earning a Master’s degree in acupuncture and was working at WomensLaw.org, a nonprofit group that helps women in domestic abuse situations navigate the legal system, which is where he was arrested by federal marshals on December 7, 2005.
Daniel had originally been indicted separately, but his arrest comes in the context of a well-coordinated, multi-state sweep of numerous activists by the federal government, who has charged the individuals with practically every earth and animal liberation case left unsolved in the Northwest. Many of the charges, including Daniel’s, are for cases whose statute of limitations were about to expire.
In order to help Daniel, his family and friends have created a support network (Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan) to assist in raising funds for Daniel’s legal representation which is expected to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are asking friends and supporters to donate what they can to help Daniel’s family with the legal bills.
Contact Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan:
PO Box 106, NY, NY 10156

(2)Ninth International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico 2006

The main purpose of the Ninth International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico 2006 (BICM for its abbreviation in Spanish) is to raise the quality of graphic design in Mexico , and to be both a point of reference and a meeting place for those working in this field throughout the world. We hope to achieve this by encouraging deep thought on social issues and by widely spreading its results.


This Ninth Edition of the Biennial will hold its exhibition and international contest for poster designers at the FRANZ MAYER MUSEUM in Mexico City , from October 30, 2006 to January 30, 2007. Application forms will be available as of August 30, 2005. The deadline for receiving poster entries is May 31, 2006. For work sent by mail or other means, we will take into account the date stamped on the package or on the shipping form.

Registration fees

MEXICAN RESIDENTS: $150.00 (one hundred and fifty pesos) per poster.


FOREIGN CONTESTANTS: The donation of design books will count as a registration fee; these books will be kept as part of the Library of Trama Visual, A.C. The poster designer shall send a book whose content must necessarily include design topics, disregarding the number of posters he/she submits to the contest.


Contestants may be design students, graphic designers, plastic artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, of any age and nationality, having posters printed between May 2004 and May 2006, except for those submitting as Category D (see Section 6).
Contestants may submit to the Selection Committee for consideration up to four posters or poster series taken as one work.
Technique and format are free, except for posters submitted as Category D, which must be 73 x 103 centimeters .
Posters will be evaluated and, if that is the case, selected by a Committee formed by distinguished designers and experts in graphic design, as well as by a representative of an international organization on design. The Committee will be chaired by a member of the international jury.
Posters submitted may participate in the following categories:
Posters on cultural topics and activities
Posters on political and social issues
Posters advertising commercial events, products or services
Unpublished posters on the topic: DESERTIFICATION (see guideline for "d" category)
Posters for advertising bus-stop shelters / EUMEX PRIZE TO CREATIVITY
These are posters specifically designed by agencies, institutions or individuals for the bus-stop shelter system, managed by Equipamientos Urbanos de México (EUMEX) and its subsidiaries in other countries.

Original work on posters may participate in Category D. Contestants shall express their point of view on the effect and severe consequences on our planet generated by the desertification phenomenon (see attached guidelines) and shall also submit proposals for the solution of the problem. This topic will help society and its many organizations and institutions to become more aware of the need for greater collaboration in order to reverse this trend.
The best posters selected within this Category will be part of the collection made up on this topic. The International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), will raise the funds needed for the edition and presentation of this collection in various forums, and will give the authors credit for their work.
Posters participating in this Category shall be submitted in plotter or silk screen printing, and the format shall be 73 x 103 centimeters . Posters mounted on a rigid base will not be accepted.
NOTE: Students contending in this Category must send their design work

by mail, in a compact disk or diskette, together with a printed letter-size version, and taking into account the corresponding specifications, before printing their posters (see Section 10). ONLY THE SELECTED STUDENTS WILL BE ASKED TO SEND THEIR PRINTED WORK DURING THE MONTH OF JULY 2006.

It is mandatory to submit three copies of each contending poster in categories A, B and C. The author shall decide if he/she wants to send more copies to be sold at auction through our internet webpage, as a means of helping to finance the Biennial.
The authors shall submit, together with their posters, the corresponding digital file so that, if it is selected, their work can be reproduced for the Catalogue. The following specifications for the digital file must be met: files must have been created in graphic design software, in TIFF or EPS format, A4 or letter-size, including images linked to a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Fonts should either be converted to rasterized fonts or should be included.
The application form must be filled-in carefully, typed or printed with legible handwriting, and sent by mail or by e-mail with the posters. All work must have a copy of this form attached with masking tape (not glued) to the lower right-hand corner on the back of the poster.
In order to take care over the quality of the reproduction, no damaged posters will be accepted; proper packing is recommended.
The person in charge of the Biennial will be authorized to reproduce the posters submitted to the contest in catalogues, exhibitions, advertising editions and electronic means, as well as in non-profit advertising events for the Biennial, always giving the authors credit for their work.
Each selected contestant will get a 30% discount when buying catalogues, posters and commemorative editions.
All posters will become part of the collection of Trama Visual, A.C.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse the participation of posters considered as offending morals or insulting the culture of any country, as well as those which do not comply with the dispositions herein.
Posters designed by members of the Jury or by members of the Work Selection Committee may be selected but may not be awarded with prizes.

Each category will have three prizes.

First prize: 3,500.00 USD, gold medal and diploma
Second prize: Silver medal and diploma
Third prize: Bronze medal and diploma

If there is no sponsor willing to pay for the economic prizes, the organizers of the BICM reserve the right to give only diplomas and medals as awards.
In addition, the International Jury will award the Gold Medal to Excellence, José Guadalupe Posada, to a participating designer or country known for its contribution to the development of graphic design in Mexico .
The Jury will also give the Carlos Lozano Prize (gold medal and diploma) to the most prominent young Mexican designer in the Ninth International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico .
ICOGRADA shall decide on who will be given the Icograda Excellence Award.
The authors selected will receive a certificate of participation.

Posters and books donated by foreign contestants must be shipped, without declaring their commercial value, to the following address:


Apartado Postal C.O.V.-538
C.P. 06721
Col. Doctores
Delegación Cuauhtémoc
México, D.F.

directly to the office of TRAMA VISUAL, A.C.:

Álvaro Obregón 73, Col. Roma, 06700 México, D.F.
Tel. (52-55) 5514.8137
Fax (52-55) 5525.4265


Web page: http://www.bienalcartel.org.mx


The preparations and planing for this years Stencil Festival are in full swing. This year we will not only celebrate stencil art in Melbourne but for the first time also stage a Stencil Festival in Sydney!

In Melbourne the event has moved from North Melbourne to the vibrant cultural hub of Fitzroy and will be held at the Rose St. Artist Market (60 Rose St.) for five days from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 May 2006.
In Sydney the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre (64 Pine St.) in the inner city suburb of Chippendale will host the first Sydney Stencil Festival from Thursday 1 to Monday 5 June 2006.

We are calling now for artists to participate in this years festivals. Please find attached the application form or download it from:

DEADLINE for applications is Wednesday 5 June 2006

Please feel free to forward the application form to your friends, colleagues and contacts (best you forward this entire mail).

Additionally we will hold the new 'Young Artists Award' this year. The award is open for everyone who does not consider him-/herself as a professional artist and has not been in the 'art business' for more than five years. There is no age limit.
We are still working on the terms and conditions for the award and couldn't allocate the prices yet, but there will be a 1. and 2. jury price plus a audience price. Details will follow soon.

Here are a few confirmed facts for those who consider submitting art into the 'Young Artist Award' and would like to start working on their piece:
- Subject of competition: censorship
(the interpretation of the competitions subject is all up to you)
- Artworks can be no larger than 60x60 cm
(larger works will be disqualified and not presented in the festivals)
- All works will be for sale and will be subject to 30% commission

Like in the previous years the Stencil Festival will not only present more exciting art than you can shake a stick at, but also attract a diverse audience with special events like opening party, book launch, workshops and live demonstrations, film night, charity auction etc

On our soon to be re-launched website www.stencilfestival.com you will soon find forums, galleries and of course more detailed information on the program closer to the events.

Thank you for your attention we hope to see you at one or several of our upcoming events.

JD & Satta

[ festival directors ]
www.stencilfestival.com :: info@stencilfestival.com

(4) AREA Chicago Art/Education/Activism
Call for Submissions March 2006
Issue#3 Theme: Solidarities
www.areachicago.com | areachicago@gmail.com

Get Researching! Get Interviewing! Go For It!

Solidarity: A condition or practice of unity based on common goals, interests, and sympathies among a group's members. Also see: interdependent, in common, solid, whole, attachment, bond, camaraderie, communion, community, congruity, connection,consistency, consonance, construction, continuity, correspondence, fellowship, group spirit, inseparableness, integrity, rationality, relations, shared sense, union...

Our next issue will be entitled "Solidarities." This issue is an effort to find commonality among Chicago activists, educators, and artists by sharing stories from our work and our histories. The issue will focus on the ethics and politics of collaborations, coalitions, alliances and unities.

We hope to investigate the meanings, possibilities, and challenges for 'Solidarities' in our shared context of Chicago. While documenting current practices of solidarity in our city, we aspire to archive powerful examples of solidarity work from Chicago's past. We are looking for little known histories of local struggles for cross cultural and all-city and trans-local collaboration. Also, we want to highlight stories of Chicago-based support for international movements and uprisings.
Get in touch with your stories*, reflections, projects and ideas!

*"Solidarity Stories" will be a section of the publication that features 500-1000 word personal narratives about acts/experiences of solidarity in Chicago.

[Some ideas/questions include]

Why is local networking useful? What do inter-city neighborhood alliances look like?

What are your creative proposals for connecting Chicago's disconnected communities? How are community connections impacted by geography, instruments of social control, the media, the Internet, etc.?

What historical practices inform our solidarity?

What issues/forces determine our current alliances that we don't talk about?
What are criteria for participating in one another's struggles? What is it about one
another's practice that alienates us? How can we keep building across divisions of race, class, gender, ethnicity, neighborhood, culture, style, speech, music, and identity?

How do we practice and politicize our interconnectedness? What does it mean to struggle 'on behalf' of others? How are/aren't resources being shared? Who governs these resources?

What is the emotional content of solidarity? How does it feel to be connected?

What does "community" mean and how does the term's ambiguity shape our organizing initiatives?

What does it look like when solidarity goes bad or when alliances fail?

[Non-Theme Submissions]
As usual, we will be accepting submissions for the OUR AREA section which deals with local activities and history that is not related to the theme of the issue, but which is generally relevant to the project. Past OUR AREA submissions have been: memorials to fallen Chicago artist/educator/activists, local street art archives from your photo box, critical curriculum proposals, calls for participation in upcoming participatory events, and reflections on projects.

[Who should contribute? What should it look like?]
If you live in Chicago or know the context well, and feel you have a relevant story to share then you should consider submitting. If you meet that criteria, we hope you'll write about a local place, group or person(s) that you either build with or can research.

As far as format, it can be very playful or experimental as long as it's accessible and applicable to Chicago activists, educators, and artists. * It can be an interview, article, reflective narrative, group interview/dialogue, illustration, photo series, timeline, map, bibliography, or glossary. Other formats will also be considered.

*This will be determined by the Editors in conversation with the Advisory group and Publisher.

:Proposals Due 6-1-06 (Please Send Them Sooner if possible – space is limited. Please include a short description of the text/project, along with a list of keywords, questions, interview subjects, resources or any relevant information you can provide)
(Dates are Subject to Change – Contributors will be notified)
:First Drafts Due 6-30-06 (An expanded proposal with list of possible images and approximate final word count)
:Final Work Due 7-30-06 (Including Images)
:Issue Release 10-1-05

www.areachicago.com | areachicago@gmail.com | get in touch!

(5) NERVE house, the quarterly, DIY, print publication is back to give a voice to change through art!

We're looking for submissions from anywhere in the world, and a wide diversity of opinion, so don't be shy. Post it on your arts, politics and cultural lists, send it to your friends and your enemies and, of course, looking for your submissions as well

Using words, images and ideas:

- To inspire and outrage you
- To present independent thought, opposing viewpoints and provocative ideas
- To ask difficult questions, raise awareness and incite original action
- To give voice to change through art

Themes for first issue (deadline 5/08/06): Power and/or Choice, broadly or loosely defined.

All submissions must be previously unpublished (or include the names of where previously published) and under 800 words. Rights revert to author.

Art in Words: Poetry, prose, rants, opinions
Art in Images: Photography, comix, drawings, doodles (we love them): Please send images!
Art in Ideas: Essays, commentaries, reviews

Directory: Contributors are entitled to a 25-word listing/bio (must be included with submission) in the issue in which they are published.

Submissions should be sent to:
NERVE house
nervehouse [at] yahoo.com

(6) Movin' Europe Caravan 2007

by source: vision07 - 17.02.2006 18:12

Life calls for creativity: Preguntando caminamos

What we want:
To create a political and cultural action that will take place for several months during summer 2007 all over Europe.
To be a counter-movement opposing the G8 summit at Heiligendamm traversing the limitations of time and space and altering the boundaries of the State and the Government.
To become a large travelling movement of people, who are searching for an alternative form of association, composed from politically and culturally conscious activists, musicians, artists, theatre animators, radio and video activists who are seeking to express their ideas as to how to achieve the following goals.

ICC Geneva 1999
ICC Geneva 1999
- overcoming borders between countries and people,
- strengthening existing networks and initiating new contacts,
- shaping and creating space in the service of discussion and exchange,
- activating thought-processes,
- reclaiming public space in order to motivate collective action.

We have our own ideas about the shape of a shared future. We hope to discuss these with as many people as possible and draw from their views and experiences so to recreate and enhance our own. We want to bring together those who do not just accept the current state of affairs but are keen to create their own form of resistance.

Why do we want to do this?

We see that this world's streams are running dry however we are not about to lose hope.
What the powerful of the world discuss at their meetings is how to control the last corner of this earth with their market and how to ensure they extend their power globally.

What we want to discuss are the alternatives to these politics, the ways to oppose the process of neo liberal redesign which harms the vast majority of the population but only brings riches to the minority; and to halt it in its tracks. We want to discover new ways of life which will achieve a dignified life for all people.

Therefore we suggest:

First: A series of cultural and political events or meetings converging from every point of the compass to form a series of Festivals.
- Conceived as the space of convergence and exchange.
- With all possible forms of artistic expression - music, theatre, art....
- Where culture is politics and politics is culture.
- To offer space for discussion and workshops.
- To construct a temporary platform where the expression of the regional and migrant groups agendas, ideas, problems and projects are possible.

Secondly: A movement of the largest possible number of groups, collectives or alternatively a temporary merger of the aforementioned people, activists, musicians and artists who are all willing to work together on two or more of these festivals. In between the festivals they will not move as one caravan. Instead the idea is they will scatter and go wherever their fancy takes them whereupon they will perform concerts, theatre performances, presentations, work camps and actions to which they will invite the people of the region who can then participate in a process of exchange and development. Finally the migrants will find their own way to the next festival bringing the impressions and the people with them.

Thirdly: Across Europe there will be a consultation (or consulta) taking place at each of the meeting spaces and hopefully this will continue to happen on the routes in between these meeting spaces. A suggestion in favour of four or five key questions to work on has been made which could elaborate on key themes: the state of the world, the future and the rights of people. The final form and contents of these questions should ideally be made in an open process encompassing the largest possible discussion.

This consultation could serve the purpose of:
- encouraging discussion and exchange in order to initiate ideas,
- sketching areas of consensus.

That is the broad perspective; now onto the details.


We propose:
• To coordinate with the anti-G8 preparation as early as possible and that the concept of the caravan should not to take priority over the mobilisation for the summit, as it is conceived as a mobilisation of opinions for the purpose of building the protest. Nevertheless the timetable needs to be coordinated so that the participants of the caravan can take part in the summit protest if they wish and arrive in the neighbourhood of the summit in time for this protest.
• Following this European Caravan there will be another caravan throughout most of Mexico, affiliated to the Zapatista "Other Campaign". There are different groups participating from Mexico as well as from Europe.
• We would like to make it possible for oversea's activists to participate in the European Caravan.
• As a result of this cross-border concept the project is developing early contacts with networks, groups and interested people. We've been thinking about networks like Anti-Lager-Tour or People's Global Action, the European Chiapas Solidarity Network and political concert groups like Lucha Amada. There are contacts throughout Switzerland and France; we are working on contacts with Barcelona, Poland and the Republic of Slovakia.


• It will depend on the regional groups to decide where the festivals will take place. This means it would be preferable if those groups planning the festivals have some experience. To this end we are trying to send out feelers to discover if different countries, particularly Eastern Europe, have groups who get inspired by this vision.
• From December 2005 until June 2006 the Zapatistas have been inquiring internationally about the place, time, form and content of an invitation for an intercontinental meeting. Our vision should be in harmony with this framework.


• The groups, bands, activists etc... will decide the duration of their participation, what are to be the direction of their routes and their theme for development independently and they will be autonomously funded.
• The coordination will only be set in position so as to serve principally as an information exchange between the participating groups and to aid the linking of contacts.

(preliminary, rough appraisal)
We will basically prepare the Caravan during 2006.

Beginning 2006:
• Decide what form it will take and if the caravan will happen.
• Find a critical mass of activists who are willing to participate in the organisation.
• Link the different contacts of each country.
• Find regional facilitators for the festivals.
• Clarify and develop the organisations structure.

Middle 2006
• Arrange rough tour plan.
• Promote, enlarge and attract more groups to participate.

End 2006
• Decide on questions for the Consulta/Referendum.

Jan-March 2007
• The hot period begins.
• Exchange between migrant and regional groups e.g. the acknowledgement of concert dates between the festivals.

That is the plan, for it to be embellished and realised we need many people. Therefore we need you.
Contact: vision07 at riseup.net