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Our Native American Themed Mural

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Pictures from the Block Head Invasion Show

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Leon Rainbow presents “ Color Me Badd”

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An interactive show to take place in the New Brunswick, NJ Train Station, April 7th - may 6th, 2006. We need students, artists, and teachers to submit black outlines on white paper. Solid line art only please on standard white paper up to 48” Tall and as wide as space will allow. The basic Idea is to turn the tunnel in between the two tracks into a larger-than- life coloring book. At the opening and throughout the month of April crayons will be available for people to color the outlines in.More Info >>Call for Artists
Send your poster/outline to:
Leon Rainbow
309 3rd St
Trenton, NJ 08611
Or online to leon.rainbow@gmail.com
8.5” x 11” web only