New Photos on Stencil Archive

Three-day weekend and nothing to do? Time to click through some stencil pics!

Music by WRAS and KTRU ::: Efficient split-screen by El Capitan ::: Thanks for the submissions: Celeste, Josiah, Amanda, Paul, Terri)


Blek in NYC (thanks, Paul Delano)
C215 in San Francisco and Istanbul (thanks, Amanda)
>NEW< AINAC (Art is not a Crime)
Classic Borf
Fekner in the Bronx
Logan Hicks in San Francisco
Eclair in San Francisco
fnnch in San Francisco
>NEW< Down n’ dirty with JR in Upper Haight



The Mission (thans, Terri)
Haight Street
A few on Divis
One at Caltrain station
SoMa (with big, bad Bluewolf advertisement)
Two on Geary St.
One in the TL

VVVV more pic links after the break VVVV


Az in New Orleans
One from Burningman
Bernie in Colorado
In the Oakland streets
Pro-Pot in Los Angeles
Harvey Kurtzman gets up
100 Women 100 Miles in Maryland
New York City (thanks, Paul Delano)
A bomb train tagged in Vermont


One from Belgium (thanks, Celeste)
One from France (thanks, Amanda)
One from the Netherlands (thanks, Celeste)
Portugal (thanks, Celeste)
Fawn in the UK
One from Istanbul (thanks, Amanda)