15 Nov: Stencil Archive Presenting at Howard Zinn Book Fair

Have any plans Sunday, November 15? Come out to the Howard Zinn Book Fair and hear me give a 15 minute presentation on stencils and street art.

The presentation will be 1:45 in the Grace Lee Boggs room.

City College of SF Mission Campus
1125 Valencia St.

My presentation will support an hour long program by authors Rachel Cassandra and Lauren Gucik, who are releasing their book Women Street Artists of Latin America: Art Without Fear/ Grafiteras y Muralistas en América Latina: Arte Sin Miedo through my publisher Manic D Press.

This book shines light on female art and voices in the lesser explored Latin American street art scenes. I frequently hear people stereotype street artists as always male (and usually a person of color in a gang), so appreciate that Cassandra and Gucik are releasing a book that will help erase assumptions about who makes the art on the streets. As a bonus, some of the artists featured in this new book cut and paint stencils.

Women Street Artists of Latin America: Art Without Fear is a book about Latin American women creating visual art in public spaces. It includes interviews, portraits of the artists, and photographs of their work.

The women interviewed work in Colombia, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico as muralists making legal art, and as graffiti and street artists working outside of legal boundaries. There are stories of mothers who work alongside their daughters, gallery artists who have made the street their canvas, the first women writing graffiti in their cities, and those who have recently begun working. This breadth of stories is vital to understanding challenges women face in street art as well as illustrating possibilities for street art's influence on the world. 

The book will be bilingual, with English and Spanish text.

By Rachel Cassandra and Lauren Gucik. 

Release date: Early November, 2015, by Manic D Press.

The Howard Zinn Book Fair, now in its second year will welcome over 140 authors and 50 publishers to a day celebrating the work of legendary historian Howard Zinn, author of The People’s History of the United States. Last year more than 1500 attended this free public event and we expect an even bigger crowd this year.