PIXNIT Productions url Launched

The intent of the PIXNIT Campaign is to awaken the viewerÂ’s senses,
emphasize human scale on the street and shift the viewerÂ’s perception of
public space. Rooted in formal art issues, this pollination frustrates the
viewerÂ’s experience of graffiti and disputes the ubiquitous presence of
advertising. While questioning what we find comforting or threatening in
our environment.

These delicate images are influenced by floral and ornamental design
historically used within the home to create a sense of comfort, bring
representations of nature inside and portray a sense of beauty. Installed
outdoors and in a direct dialogue with architecture, the interior and
exteriors of space are subverted and the urban landscape transformed. Moving
beyond the stretched canvas the template is not only evidence of the
painting process but also a performative art object. Leaving the ephemeral
paintings themselves to exist through the memories of the viewer and the
PIXNIT CampaignÂ’s documentary process.