Justseeds Art Show: Feb. 8 in NYC

Along with the exhibition of the above artists will be the NYC release of the Street Art Workers’ Land and Globalization poster project, a collection of 25 posters representing artists from 10 different countries and over 20 different cities.

All proceeds from the show will go toward getting the Justseeds Artists Cooperative off the ground. Posters, books, and zines start at $2, with most Artwork priced between $10 – 30.

About Justseeds

Justseeds was founded as a radical art distribution service by Josh MacPhee in 1997. In nearly 10 years of operations, Justseeds became a crucial resource for radical artists and activists throughout the US.

In December 2006, the company that was filling Justseeds’ online orders (including hosting the website, processing payments, and shipping products), unexpectedly went out of business, immediately shutting down its online store. On top of shutting down distribution, the fulfillment house owed Justseeds upwards of $10,000 (most of that money in turn was owed directly to artists and writers who sold items on the site).

Now, like the proverbial phoenix, Justseeds is rising: a national network of artists are banding together to create a self-managed cooperative that will help spread radical art around the world.