Spray Exhibition in Tehran: Call for Submittions


submissions Should follow these Standards.

1- All works should represent the Street art influence

2- Images of sex, Nudity and racism will not be accepted

3- Not more than 3 Pieces.All works must be original and dated/signed by the Artist

4- Size :The standard Size for the exhibition is for works smaller than 50x70 cms and bigger than 10x10 cms but ,as the final limitation :The wider Side of each piece should not be longer than 120 Cms .

5- Dead Line:All works must be received Before 15 July 2007 at kolahstudio

6- Please care for your post package to avoid Problems and damages to your submissions.

7- You can specify a total Price on your works and The commission is 40 percent(KS) 60 Percent (Artist)

8- Kolahstudio Will send Back All Art works to Artists and will Also accept All contributions to The Studio Archive.

All participants will receive The Invitation Card / Poster package within the exhibition day.

Before Sending Your Works please Check With Me irangraffiti@gmail.com fro address and details or any questions.

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