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From the NY Times article:

Two days after Mr. Cooper’s arrest, a group of people showed up at the
Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, where a reception was being held
for Mr. Fairey. Without identifying themselves, they distributed copies
of a 16-page tabloid with the title “If we did it this is how it
would’ve happened,” with a cover photograph of an image created by Mr.
Fairey defaced with paint.

Inside were reproductions of the communiqués that were pasted next to
the sites of many paint attacks and appeared to draw inspiration from
the writings by the Situationists, a group of political and artistic
agitators formed in the 1950s, and a 1960s anarchist group called Black

In often bombastic language those fliers condemned the
commercialization of art and included statements saying that the wheat
paste used to affix the fliers had been mixed with shards of glass. An
essay in the paper given out at the gallery scoffed at those who had
difficulty understanding the fliers and added footnotes clarifying
parts of them. One footnote stated that the tabloids had been dusted
with anthrax.

In a series of essays and in text that appeared under the headline
“Interview With Myself” the anonymous authors said that the splashings
were committed not by an individual but by a group of men and women,
and offered some explanation of their motives.

The authors wrote that street art was “a bourgeoisie-sponsored
rebellion” that helped pave the way for gentrification, and called it
“utterly impotent politically and fantastically lucrative for everyone

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