"streets 2k5 festival": Deadline March 15, 2005

Hey this is Leon Rainbow. I'm part of an arts collective called We are organizing a street art festival in New Bruinswick,
New Jersey. We are looking for artists, as well as supporters,
sponsors, and volunteers. If you run an arts site please post the blow
"call for artists". If you know artists or are an artist please spread
the word, send an e-mail blast or help in whatever way you can. We are
looking for artists of all types shapes and sizes. We will be doing
several Collaborative walls so please send in snaps, stickers, posters,
stencils.,etc. We will also have music, films,etc.

You can send art to:
Street 2k5
c/o Leon Rainbow
219 East Hanover Street
Studio 301a
Trenton, NJ 08608

call for artists - streets 2k5 festival

if you use public space for performances or art installations, join us in the celebration of street art - streets 2k5 festival. the streets are a boundless gallery blending styles, techniques and imagination into a spectacular rainbow of creativity.
featured art:
murals, posters, stickers, stencils, sculptures, films, light art, street theaters, illustrations, comic art, performances, music, dance, fashion... urban culture and pop art

location: new brunswick, nj
dates: april 30th - may 1st, 2k5

- in collaboration with zimmerli art museum (part of rutgers u.) we will present avant-garde of early 1960's which came out of new brusnwick. this will be presented as something, which was here before the street art as we know it today... that's going to be located in the museum and will include lectures, discussions with artists from that time, exhibits, film screenings...

- short film fest. festival of short movies with theme of street art and urban culture.

- indoors exhibits - we already have multiple venues secured on a same block, so walking will not be an issue. there will be live music, dancing parties and more. we will have multiple exhibit places around the town. there will be performers and artists working on live pieces as well.
- outdoors exhibits - sculptures, paintings, existing murals, art installed around the town on the streets. this will be at various places around the town, maybe some of them too far to walk to, but all of them inviting people to the evening parties and galleries. a bike tour will be planned.

- main stage in park - one of the parks will have bands playing all day. activities planned for kids, painting party... the whole event will be designed so there is room for the artists and at the same time the local community is invited to participate.

streets 2k5 will be an unique opportunity to meet other creative street artists and work with local residents in our neighborhoods. the whole event is organized in collaboration with local institutions in order to present street art as art which beautifies the environment and not as destruction of property.

important!!! deadline for registration: march 15th, 2k5

you can register using online form:

or by returning the following info:

artist's info for the listing: name (nick) city, country website of sample work
artist's info for organizers' purposes: name street address city, state, zipcode, country phone email
will you personally attend? (circle one) yes / no, i want to send my art by mail
do you want your art to be sent back to you after the fest? (circle one) yes / no, my art can be exhibited after the fest
do you want to have a live performance / work live on a piece? (circle one) yes / no

brief description of art
please email us also a sample image of your art. we will contact you shortly. please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

thank you

streets 2k5 festival
organized by albus cavus art gallery