STREETS 2k5 this weekend in New Bruinswick, NJ

Hey Dope weekend coming up.....
STREETS 2k5 in New Bruinswick, NJ..
Raindate for Outdoor events is Sunday....Also RENEGADE ART PROJECT NUMBER SIX is going down SATURDAY, MAY 14TH, 2005 at

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RAIN DATE!!! The latest weather forecast predicts rain and
thunderstorms throughout the day on Saturday. Feaster Park and Kilmer
Square Park events will be moved to Sunday, May 1st, 2k5. All indoor
events will still take place at the scheduled time Saturday night. This
includes the short film festival at the Zimmerli Art Museum (7-8 PM)
and all indoor exhibits at Zafra's, Court Tavern, Tumulty's Pub, Yoga
Vayu, the New Brunswick train station, and the Harvest Moon
Brewery/Cafe from 6-10 PM. In addition, Martin Zet (Czech Repbublic)
will still be holding his press conference beginning after the film
festival in the Zimmerli and ending at Kilmer Square Park. Live
painting outside the Court Tavern on Church Street will still take
place throughout the day.

we will know about the permit tonite.. i'll leave a message on your
phone. there will be painting still...


STREETS 2K5 - international festival of street art

this is a celebration of street art and the entire festival reflects
this. most of the events and performances will happen outdoors in the
parks and on the streets. we would like you to spend as much time
outside as possible and have lots of fun with your family. however,
don't forget to see the exhibits inside.

program schedule:

saturday april 30th, 2k5 - MOVED TO SUNDAY!!!
rain date: sunday may 1st, 2k5

11am - 6pm at feaster park (commercial ave and handy st)

international street art carnival and artists convergence
open stage
music & poetry
kids activities
live painting
sculpture building
puppet theater
fishhat theater

featured artists:
tim koze
mark nerys
ryan storm
dennis and kitchen
lisa bagwell
central nj coalition against endless war
big art show artists
visual arts league artists
and more artists who are exhibiting their artworks in other venues...

performers (not in order):
us funk team
the handle
water color movement
cranky theater
reyna dowling
divas and gents drill and drum squad
kate sikora
buckets and batteries
frank glaz
kenny woods
pandora scooter
lamont the poet
sarah bolger
suman sridhar
sam friedman
isabel runao
meredith holch
matt singer
claudio mir
the open mic stage will be open to all

7pm - 7:45pm at zimmerli art museum (george st and hamilton st) - STILL

short film festival

featured films by:

peat wollagaer (st. louis, mo)
zosen (barcelona, spain)
sarah l. holt (nipomo, ca)
me love (munich, germany)
erik burke (reno, nv)
wayne horse (amsterdam, netherlands)
julie evanoff (new brunswick, nj)
nicole wines (new brunswick, nj)
martin zet (prague, czech republic)

7:45pm - 8pm - STILL ON SATURDAY!!!

art procession to kilmer square park

8pm - 10pm at kilmer square park (george st and albany st) - MOVED TO

more live music, performance art and dance

martin zet press conference
ungovernable dance company
pandora scooter
josept t. barna - light show
suran song in stag - multimedia performance

after 10pm - STILL ON SATURDAY!!!

after party at arthouse (7 sanford st) and indoor exhibit venues

sunday may 1st, 2k5

family day at zimmerli art museum (george st and hamilton st)
kids activities, art workshops, galleries tours

most of the indoor exhibits and live paintings spots will be open on
both saturday and sunday

indoor exhibits:
nb train station (albany st. & easton ave.)
harvest moon brewery (392 george st)
court tavern (124 church st)
zafra vegetarian restaurant (46 paterson st) - overspray magazine party
on saturday only!
yoga vayu (354 george st) - saturday only!
tumulty’s pub (361 george st) - saturday night only!

live painting spots:
feaster park (saturday 11am - 6pm only)
george street co-op (89 morris st)
court tavern (124 church st)
eleven gourmet deli (11 easton ave)
nb free public library (60 livingston ave)

the schedule is subject to change
all exhibits and events are free of charge
(some venues might charge cover at night)

all the organizers, helpers, volunteers and artists

rutgers graduate student association, upstage magazine, johnson and
johnson, pearl art and craft supply, robots will kill, day in the lyfe
magazine, overspray magazine, the core 90.3fm, zimmerli art museum,
arthouse, community sound, new brunswick city market, visual arts
league, big art show, eleven gourmet deli, yoga vayu studio, harvest
moon brewery, tumulty's tavern, zafra vegetarian restaurant, court
tavern, george street co-op, new brunswick free public library

the UNDERGROUND in WEST CHESTER, PA. Make no plans for the evening, from
8PM until Midnight, and plan to be in attendance. After 2
back-to-back 300+ attended shows, one of which was a sell-out only 30
minutes after the doors opened, even I find myself a bit spellbound by
your dedication to the PROJECT. Let's make NUMBER SIX a similar
spectacle. Here is what we offer you for you $3 donation at the door:

(site returns online 4/30/05)



RENEGADE ART is psyched to bring to you West Chester's own "THE OTHER 99%"
featuring the collective artistry of Sean Hoots (ex Pilot Round the Sun),
Andrew "Hellmouth" Gray (ex MidIron Blast Shaft), Woodpussy and Whistlepig
(Max and Carl from Fennario's famed Open Mic experience), Anna Christie,
Stephanie Hewett, and the Michael Nace Family Band. Maybe you have seen
these talented musicians and songwriters individually but, and I can
attest to this personally, you haven't seen anything as
powerful as seeing them collectively. THE OTHER 99% is pure
entertainment that fuses a deep-south revival-style of music, with the
constant bustling activity of a variety show, and produces a collective
performance that is more "performance art" than "rock show." Trust me,
there is no way you cannot like what the OTHER 99% is doing for the
cultural climate of our sleepy town. Be sure to thank them each for their
spirited persistence after the show.


BIG ART SHOW ( ) has
existed in ASBURY PARK, NEW JERSEY for about three years and it was only
last year that one member of the RENEGADE ART COALITION was lucky enough
to stumble upon their efforts (on a surfing trip no less). Since that time
BIG ART has hosted many a RENEGADE ARTIST in their
Circus-Sideshow-esque art shows and we are now lucky enough to return the
favor. Fronted by a real Jedi Knight by the name of Paul Yavarone Jr, BIG
ART and RENEGADE ART are now fused at the hips in their
dedication to place art back in the hands of those who do art and not just
sell art. BIG ART travels and shows as cohesive unit and RA is lucky
enough to have 11 of BIG ART's core members bringing their work and
includes the work of Suran Song and William Weis (
), Skullboy
(, Jesse Rinyu (
), Leon Rainbow (
), Amanda Potter
(, Molly Maguire, Eric Kennedy
( ), Peter Johnson
( ), and
Megan Gale.


RENEGADE ART is lucky enough to have many talented friends, some of whom
make awesome short films (and some long films) and, again, we are going to
bring more of them your way. Featured is a 45 minute film by Kristin
English, a Los Angeles filmmaker, entitled Rhythm of the Rann, that
documents a southern Indian town's desire to preserve its cultural and
historical music. The film brings together music and performance, and
accentuates the sounds with the rich visual culture of India. I am still
in a sort-of-daze that Kristin has given the film to us to show, and so we
will show it with great reverence. Supporting Kristin are films by two
returning R.A.PROJECT filmmakers Marianna Lafollette (WA, DC) and Mathew
Davis (Malvern, PA), along with a film by the most recent
addition to the COALITION, Tim Lohr (WC, PA). An recently added
installation by returning filmmaker Kate McCabe (LA, CA) will round out
the dynamic visual end of our show.

Be there or, um, be left out...



Saturday, May 14th, 2005

8pm thru Midnight

$3 "donation" @ Door


200 South Church Street, West Chester, PA

* in basement on the south side of the Community Fellowship Church of DUB-C.