Stencil Archive Images Updated: 9500+ For You!

Have to post this image: Stencil Nation's homage to John Fekner (the cut-out for this stencil was made by him... hand-cut letters... and dated 1978!) The cut-out will be part of the June 6 Stencil Nation book release and stencil exhibit show. Thanks John.

Many new and updated Archives this round:


  • Adam5100 had a show go up in Oakland yesterday
  • Romanowski had a show go up a few weeks ago at Upper Playground
  • serf gets a new Archive in the USA Artists Archive
  • gurldogg in Seattle gets a new Archive
  • Dri in Brazil sent a few stencils
  • a1one in Tehran gets an Archive update
  • Scott Wiliams gets two more stencil journals posted in his Archive (1, 2)
  • Eclaricuda keeps cutting the pieces!
  • So does x-sacto
  • and MO-PI in France
  • Pete in Oakland updates his dusty Archive


  • B. Rex was kind enough to give me his photos from Oaxaca and Chiapas to post
  • Chris keeps posting stencil pics on his blog for me to pull and post
  • A small batch from Northern California (with a DPW stencil truck!)

San Francisco

This update brought to you by Harvey Rabbit (thanks for the burrito) and Mark at KCDC (NPR nods to Brad Mehldau and Ali Farka Toure)